Introduction to the Unity Archive 1902 to the Present Day by Dr. Marina Hitchen

Sitting back in the UK in the January of 2006, dreaming of warmer climes and warmer people I saw an advertisement for the position of Principal of Unity High School in Sudan. I read then a brief history of the school and when I arrived in May for my interview I was disappointed in the lack of the school’s history displayed around the school. I promised myself that if I was offered the position I would do something to redress this.

On arrival in Sudan in June 2006 the matters of the present quickly took over and my ideas of reviving past traditions and celebrating the long history of the school seemed to be on permanent hold. I discovered the log books of the school which have been kept by all the Principals since the school’s inception in 1902 and promised that I would read them as soon as I got some free time. I actually got round to reading them in the summer of 2010. At once I was captivated and transported back to times gone by. Reading the log books made me realise just how much of our history we have already lost and if something is not done about this immediately all of it will be gone forever.

The first step is to collect together what we can and to ensure the preservation of these photographs and documents and to make them available for all the students past and present and anyone else who has had a part in the forming and running of the school. Mr Steve Gooch suggested starting this blog so that people could contribute what ever memories they have. We hope that as many people as possible will submit articles, pictures or documents to this site so that we can fill in some of the gaps. If you have anything you want to share with us, even just a simple memory of your time at Unity we will be pleased to hear from you and post your contribution to the site.

 In addition to the blog we will be placing old photographs in frames around the school, presenting some of the old trophies, reviving some of the old traditions such as the Unity High School Certificate, Christmas and Summer Balls and replacing the Honour Boards in the Old Hall. Anyone interested in joining Unity High School Alumni Society can do this through the PTA. What we have at Unity High School is unique and once we lose sight of our past we will not move forward with the same sense of belonging.

I dedicate this site to the founders of the school and to those who fought through difficult times financially and politically to keep Unity High School open; as well as to all the staff past and present. We are all part of something which is linking us together through time and we cannot break the thread that keeps the Unity that makes us Unity High School.

Dr. Marina Hitchen  - 18th October 2010


  1. I have read in various places in these blogs that the school had it's origin in 1902 and in 1905 and in 1928 - which is it? Or is this just the natural progression from one form to another to another. Just as forms of school government and structuring evolve over time, so schools evolve from one form to another.

  2. The school was established in 1928. See the Principal's Log Book Volume 1.


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