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An Exchange of Emails Between Dr Marina Hitchen and Osama El Tayeb - 5th-9th September 2016

On 5 Sep 2016 12:55, marina hitchen wrote:


All powers are invested in the Trustees (Not the Council) and they changed that.No money can be used for anything other than the school itself (Not the church or its employees) They left that out. To be honest they had no official right to have Primary or Boys without reverting to Trustees to change the constitution officially.

It's a criminal case that they forged a document declaring themselves as Trustees and hence put the property, land, and building in their names (Kondo, Safwat, Robbie and 2 others).  By making themselves Trustees thy gave themselves the right to change the Constitution. They did this in 1995 very slowly and quietly.

The school was founded in 1928 not 1902. The school in 1902 did belong to the church but they closed it down and sold the land and buildings. They now want to go back to the 1902 situation and pretend it's their school.

I have all the evidence and did try to get support when I was there but no one listened. I knew the church would destroy the school because they were bleeding it dry. I left $4000000 in the school account when I left and they wanted it very badly. I wanted to get new Trustees, along the lines of the original ones set up in the '50s and keep the Council with its powers as they were as PTA. Council members are also supposed to be elected by their communities not chosen by each other and should represent each community in the school.

This is a complex case but should be won easily. I couldn't do it from outside the country. All documents are in English and they were bribing lawyers to do false translations saying that they purchased the school back in the 50's when that was the date the mortgage was...

On Monday, 5th September 2016, 2:18 Osama El Tayeb wrote:

Subject: Re: Facebook

Comprehensive briefing.
Can we get supporting docs?
Can you prove that there were 4 million dollars in the account?
Is it in Lebanon or England?

On 5 Sep 2016 16:54, marina hitchen wrote:


I have all supporting documents for the theft of the land and the forged Trust document and the original Trust document and constitution.

I have no proof of bank balance when I left Sudan. The money was in Sudan partly in Government bonds. The school bank was just down the street but I forget the name. I was doing (checking) accounts regularly so I know what was there. Maybe the old budget show something so I will see if I still have them.


On Friday September 9, 2016 2:32 Osama El Tayeb wrote:

Subject: Re: Facebook

Is it possible i get a photocopy of the docs, proving that they forged the Trust document and the original Trust document and constitution?

Also a briefing on how the Trustees were appointed through the years till we reached the present status.

Was the Governor of Khartoum a Trustee or just a member of the council?

Also, you said you have filed a case at the Ministry with all the docs. Can we get a copy of the file?



On 9 Sep 2016 11:36, marina hitchen wrote:


Every single document can be printed from

1945 is the original constitution and Trust.
1956 confirms the land sale from the Church to Gwynne.
1997 constitution is not legal nor the ones following. 
The original Trustees were chosen by Gwynne (Governor being one of them). 
The existing Trustees had to vote in new members apart from the Archbishop who had an automatic right. 
There are 2 letters there from the remaining Trustees who nominated different Trustees to the ones you got in the forgery. 
The forgery is up there too. 
I brought a police case (hence the arrests) and went to the National Assembly. No idea of case numbers as they successfully buried all of it. 
We got no support from parents despite briefing them on all of it. We put a lot of energy and heartache into that and it seems as though no one did (or even wanted to) understand.

I'm afraid you have to plough through the info to grasp it. BUT there are commentaries, explanations and proposals on how to legalise it. We did not have that and had to piece it together as we found each document. 

Look at the documents; they all say Unity Founded 1928 (not 1902). The 1927 report shows the end of CMS and beginning of ownership by Gwynne. Then to a Trust in 1945.We had everything we needed to win. Safwat (one of the dodgy Trustees) was convinced we would win. I got a summons to Luxor Court 2 years ago but didn't go. Seems I didn't keep the summons either. Yes, I am willing to help but I can't go through all that again so if you could just brief yourself and get back to me then I'll support you. Same goes for Steve.

Good Luck


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