Sunday, December 1, 2013

More Photos from the School Bazaar - February 2010

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Danya Hussein, Tasneem Elghazali Bakhiet, Bebe Ogeil, Noorah Mahmoud and Mayada Usama 

Enas Shulgami 

Fathelrahman Mekki and Shatha Elhassan

Mayada Usama, Shahd Dwayne, Lamees Mohamed, Fathelrahman Mekki and Enas Shulgami

Omnia Mohamed, Ola Abdulrahman, Shahd Dwayne, Abram Rajai Edward and Fathelrahman Mekki

Shahd Dwayne, Abram Rajai Edward, Tasneem Elghazali Bakhiet, Enas Shulgami and Marilyn Ehab

Shahd Dwayne, Tasneem Elghazali Bakhiet, Enas Shulgami, Marilyn Ehab and Bebe Ogeil

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