Friday, October 25, 2013

Archive Bulletins - October 2013

It has been reported that the school Director, Robert Boulos has left Sudan and may now be in Lebanon. Given the recent re-appointment of his predecessor, Safwat Fanous as Director of Unity High School, it is safe to assume that Mr Boulos will not be returning to Unity. It is unknown if this turn of events is in any way related to his impending court appearance over his admitted involvement in the theft of Unity High School in 1995 or if, as has also been suggested, he has left to seek medical attention.

(Posted 25th October 2013)


  1. So Safwat Fanous returns to Unity. Apparently the school rents his rubbish flats for some of the teachers. - no doubt for a hefty premium. Another "little" perk that goes along with the job no doubt!

  2. Thank you for this information. It was not known that Safwat was renting his flats to the school for the staff. A good arrangement if the staff are getting what they need in terms of accommodation and facilities and it is not too costly to the school.


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