Saturday, October 12, 2013

Archive Bulletins - October 2013

This evening Dr Marina Hitchen, the former Principal of Unity High School confirmed in a telephone conversation that she had received a request from the courts in Khartoum to give evidence against Robert Boulos over his role in the theft of Unity High School. The court session is scheduled for the 24th October. Dr Marina stated however that she will be unable to attend on that date and intends to ask the court for a postponement.

(Posted 12th October 2013)


  1. Very interesting! I hope justice gets done for all the past teachers and pupils as well as those there now. But as Marina has said it wasn't just Robbie. Who else faces allegations of corruption? Please keep us informed about this. Thanks

  2. I always thought that man was dodgy! But whats going to happen to the school now?

  3. Hello,
    This information is very worrying! I started working at the school after all this scandal first came out with the departure of Dr Marina. Now I'm worried about the status of our employment contracts. If Mr Robbie is not the Director then where does it leave all of us who have contracts signed by him?
    Teacher at UHS

  4. possibly a related development:Robbie goes off sick with a heart complaint- possibly gone abroad! I hope he faces justice eventually

  5. Latest: Safwat Fanous has been asked to return as director after Mr Robbie's sudden exit abroad.

  6. Many thanks for your comments on the situation at Unity. It seems that Robbie has gone to Lebanon and it is felt that he is unlikely to return. Whether he has a medical condition or not is unknown. What is known however is that Robbie felt and stated that the medical care in Sudan was sufficient for his needs and he had medical insurance arranged through the school so that he could get the sort of care that he needed in Khartoum should the need arise.

    Richard Wood. the Principal of Unity has asserted on at least two occasions that he feels that Robbie and the others are entirely innocent of the documented, verified and admitted theft, fraud and forgery at Unity, because the Bishop told him that this was the case. He has no evidence of any kind to substantiate the claim that the courts found no wrong-doing at Unity - this would in fact be impossible because there has never been a court judgement of any kind over this issue to date.


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