Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The School Song

We are building, we are building,
Shaping substance from a dream;
Side by side from many nations,
We unfold a vaster theme.
That this world shall be a homeland
Where the people great and small
Bring their glory and their treasure
All for each and each for all.
As the river to the desert,
So our springs shall flood the earth;
Day by day we build the future,
Dreams that time must bring to birth.
What the weary lands are seeking
Here is built for all to see;
Here to-morrow's world is founded
On the rock of Unity.
We are building, we are building,
True and faithful to the plan;
Working out the master pattern
For the joy of God and man.
In the gladness of our morning
We will speed the task begun,
Handing on to those who follow
That the nations may be one.

Sadly, as with much else from the history of Unity High School, we now no longer have the music to go with these words. 


  1. I remember this song well and know the tune by heart. Problem is I can't write or play music, but can work with someone who does to reconstruct it.

  2. It would be wonderful if you could do that :) We would all be very grateful to once more hear this song as it should be. Is there some way that you would be able to do this?

  3. Come on girl please. Sing it to someone who knows music. Unity needs this song back. Thanks

  4. sorry, lost track of this conversation. Will contact my more musical friends and try to recreate this.

  5. That would be wonderful if you could Sophiegz! Thank you :)


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