Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Robert Boulos - Director of Unity High School Re-Arrested Under Law 177 for Violation of Trust and a New Board of Trustees Formed - 27th July 2011

News has just come in that Robert Boulos has been re-arrested at Unity High School for Violation of Trust. This relates directly to his theft of the school with Bishop Kondo, Safwat Fanous, the previous Bishop Bulus and Makram Margos of Unity High School and all of its assets in 1995.

It is reported that a new Board of Trustees has been formed and is ready to be put in place to take over the legal and proper running of the school and to re-establish it on a legal footing in the manner in which Bishop Gwynne originally intended when he founded the school in 1928.

Further details will be posted here as they become available.

Update: It is reported that Robbie is not going to be allowed bail but will remain in prison. 


  1. Is the new principal aware of what is going on and is there any way of contacting her?

    Who are on the new Board of Trustees? What is going to happen to the school?

  2. Whilst this is very gratifying I am not happy that at the moment this appears to be a personal attack against Mr Robert Boulos.I don't know how you(whoever you are) managed to get Robbie arrested but whatever you did you need to move in on Konda and Safwat now. These two had just as big a part to play and need to be held accountable. What Robbie did was wrong but Robbie is not acting alone. Also this Makram guy. He may be out of it now but he was very much in it in 1995. Is he to get away unscathed.

  3. Removal of corruption comes at a price. Is it worth that price? The Egyptains thought so when they ousted Mubarak but it has cost them billions. They think it will be worth it. The school is paying a higher price than it needed to as so many people buried their heads in the sand.
    We had hoped that the clean up would have been quicker and the cost would not be too great. Having said this my only regret is that I did not delve into the school history sooner and then it would hav been over by now. I do not regret opening it all up although I know that there are many of you who would have preferred it if I hadn't. Sometimes I wish I had just walked away without speaking. Why not? I had my life to go to. I would like to thank Steve Kathleen and Bertram (and many parents) for keeping me on the right path to justice. It has to be worth it and I am trusting in all parents and students to show me that you can lead the school to glory without further corruption. I don't want to have regrets later in life that I should have left things as they were.But nothing ventured,nothing gained and I believe that truth will always be victorious.

  4. What new Principal? The one they appointed after me backed out. Hopefully they have a new one by now. I think parents are working on new Trustees if the old ones are definitely out. We know very little more than you do as we handed the information over and left.It's your fight now.


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