Monday, July 11, 2011

Robert Boulos - Director of Unity High School Arrested - 11th July 2011

This morning, Robert Boulos, the Director of Unity High School and one of the gang of thieves behind the theft of Unity High School in 1995 with his partners in crime: Bishop Ezekiel Kondo, Safwat Fanous, Makram Margos and the late Bishop Bulus, was arrested. No details are as yet forthcoming, but it seems that the arrest followed allegations over his dealings in the Gillian Gibbons case in December of 2007 in which Sarah Awad, a teaching assistant at the school, was made the scapegoat for Boulos' incompetence and mis-management of the affair. Sarah Awad, the much maligned victim of that episode in the history of the school has now been re-appointed to her post at Unity High School and Boulos must now answer to his accusers.

The School Council, in response to the arrest of Robert Boulos are currently attempting to buy Sarah Awad off and have the charges - as yet unspecified - dropped.

Update: This evening, Robbie was released from police custody on bail, but is still facing charges over his involvement in the Gillian Gibbons case. Sarah Awad has refused to be bought off by the School Council and intends to pursue the case against Robbie.


  1. It may seem surprising that these are the first charges to be brought against Robbie Boulos but Sara has been working on this for three years. The mis-management of this affair by Robbie Boulos resulted in Sara' life and the lives of many her family members being totally destroyed. This affair was also cited as one of the reason's for my own dismissal.Over $50,000 dollars of children's money was spent on this case totally due to Robbie's incompetence and his desire to save himself above all. The huge public scandal was created by him to serve as a smoke screen to deflect attention from him to Sara. Robbie was the first person to declare Gillian guilty by sacking her against the wishes of the Council and the parents.As a result of this the case against Gillian was almost indefensible and in the end Sara became the real victim.Although this case appears unrelated to the corruption charges there are links which will all come out in time. However this case exemplifies the character of Mr Boulos who is a man without conscience who stops at nothing for his own gain. Even Bishop Kondo was shocked by this event but as his partner in earlir crimes he felt honour bound to stand by him. Good luck Sara, I am sure you will get the justice you deserve in the end. Everything comes to those who wait.

  2. I am very pleased to hear Robbie has been arrested over this. However, this has to only be the start of the case against him. The amount of money he has stolen over the years and the fraud and corruption he has been involved with means that many further cases must be brought against him.
    It is absolutely disgusting to now see what happened to Sarah and that Robbie put the blame onto her when in fact he was the guilty party.
    I feel so bad for all those students and their parents whose money has been stolen over the years and for all the staff who have been cheated out of their Social Insurance money which he has stolen.
    It is now time for justice to be served against this extremely evil man. He is nothing more than a common thief and should never have been allowed to remain in the position of director for as long as he has.
    Good luck to Sarah.
    Finally the world can see this man for what he really is.

  3. The beauty of Facebook! The students are all sharing this link and commenting. They all know Robbie the thief!

  4. Anonymous: Please encourage the students to post their comments to this Archive if you can. Comments on a Facebook wall will eventually disappear out of view and be forgotten. The Archive is a living history document and is going nowhere. Comments posted here, will be here for good.

  5. Now that the world knows him for who he his and now that we discovered that he is the reason our school is like any free government school, let's hope this next year we would have AC's and actually better school conditions. As for you, Dr. Marina and Ms. Kathleen, we really want you back! Please do your best to return, we are all ready to do anything for you. That goes to you too Mr. Steve!

    I hope Mr. Robert never returns and he stays in prison until he rots! And Ms. Sara to be served with justice :)

    Anonymous Student.

  6. If Dr. Marina said over $50,000 was spent on this case, then that means hopefully next year it would be spent on stuff in OUR favor, the students :)

  7. im very pleased to hear this and extremely happy hes gone for good.Now that hes gone we could return to the position of the best school in Sudan and we will and we cant do this without Dr.Marina and Ms.Kathleen,Mr.bertman and ever teacher which has left so please come back we all need you.

    Ahmed murwan yr 7z

  8. I hope that justice is served until the very end and that the rest of his gang gets arrested as well long live unity :) and I hope that miss Kathleen, Dr. Marina, Mister Steve come back

  9. Its partially true that he had been a thief and caused corruption to the we may hav some freedom in the school.. I Never liked Robbie , never met him , never talk to him, although i belive he is a true Thief he has been making our school less more comfortable , not only him ...also those bloody school council thieves , bishop kondo or watever is frekin name is....i hope they all learn there theft over our school.. making us parents paying the DOUBLE MONDEY! i hope boulous Gets arrested for ever.

  10. I Hope Robbie Geta arrested Forever!!!! Thief! him and the annoying school council! the real teachers are mr.steve , dr.marina , miss kathelin and all the others , without them unity is noting

  11. I personally would like to know what this sara hamid case is and what Mr. Robbie did to her. I never thought he would be capable of such a thing because he always gave off a very friendly image of himself. i think the next year will be a year full of turmoil and instability for the students who are attending next year. IF the school re opens that is. All these scandals that are surfacing about the mismanagement of the school and the corruption within the administration may very well lead to the minister of education shutting down the school, something that the sudanese ministry of education has been trying to do for a very long time and now they have been given the fuel for the fire they have been trying to light. i feel very sorry for the parents, including mine, whose money has been wasted and i feel even more sorry for the students whose quality of education will be jeapordised due tho all that is happening. i hope unity high school can pull through this and overcome the obstacles that people have tried to throw in its way. good luck to all you students. Sanaa Faisal

  12. thank god we graduated and BTW i always said tht guy looks suspicious

  13. BITA3 Shamar....
    This is a case being cooked for years, i remmember once unity waz for 5 million per year but due to the people who have no respect for themselves like Robert nd his so called gang unity lost AMAZING teachers like mrs Stephanie King, Mr Chris Holiday and aloooot more but what im pissed about is tht why did the staff from the school who knew about all this open their mouths nd talk up till now after he stole all tht ???

  14. Robert Boulous is a Filthy Thief. Our school is now going down because of him! Who would want to bail him?

  15. Everyone is sorry that Unity is having the problems that it now faces Sana. We would all like to see it survive and prosper and this has always been the main reason for exposing the scandals and the theft that have gone on there: not to punish anyone, but to save the school and make sure that the students fees are spent on education, and not cars, holidays, weddings etc for those like Bishop Kondo, who see Unity as their own private open bank vault. Your question about Sara: She was the one that took all the blame over the Gillian Gibbons/teddy bear scandal a few years ago, but in fact was entirely innocent. The main blame should fall with Robert Boulos, but he pinned it all on her to save himself.
    Anonymous: There were staff that knew what was going on in the school for sure. The most guilty of them all is David Treagust - the Principal from the early to mid-90's who helped Boulos, Kondo and their gang steal the school. Others are to blame also: Principal William Strath for helping them continue with their theft and stop the questions from the school council over it. Others, who perhaps might not have known all of the details, also colluded in the ongoing scam and fraud because they did not want the church to be embarrassed by the scandal, even though they were aware that what was happening was criminal. In recent times, no one knew what was going on very much, other than the continued theft of school money. Dr. Marina has almost put an end to this and the school was saving money for the first time in a long time. But as regards the theft of the school itself, this information had been lost and no one in the school was aware of it anymore until these last few months when after it was discovered, it was handed over to the authorities to deal with.

  16. It strikes me that it is very easy to make accusations on a blog. I know that it is very easy in any context for rumours to spread and small seeds to grow enormously, and here in a context where accurate info is extremely hard to come by and verify, the rumours seem to have no limits.

    There was a time when school fees were incredibly cheap by comparison to now, when there was a different paying structure for places - those who might be expected to be able to pay more would pay more - not equality but equity. At this time it seems that the school ran well on its low budget,but now we are being told that it is now saving money - the fees are now astronomically higher than they once were so money is being saved.

    Also, it seems easy to claim that the corruption that has been evident over the last eight years or so is the fault of Mr. Robbie Boulos and others, but I find it hard to imagine that this went on without the direction and say so of the principal. The Bishop gets a new car and Dr. Marina gets her contract extended. Perhaps this sort of information might create another rumour of other corruptions within the school.

    I can only vouch for what I have seen when I taught at the school. I saw many teachers that had taught there for many years and who cared deeply about the life and culture of the school. If they encountered corruption, they did their utmost to confront it - often to their own hurt. I can also vouch for the fact that according to any reports I had that Mr. Boulos always praised Dr. Marina very highly for her academic improvements within the school. I can also say that the general impression of the staff over the last 5 years or so has been of a typically patient waiting and hoping for both a better principal and director - especially the Sudanese staff and those that had been at the school for many years.

    I know that I am only an outsider now viewing from a great distance but I am deeply disappointed with the damage that I am now seeing done to the school. I think that Sanaa is correct - the Govt. will now take over the school and that will spell closure or ultimate disaster for this school. It genuinely pains me to think that the bitterness and spite of a few individuals can bring down a beautiful and useful institution like this.

    One thing I liked about this blog was the inclusion of the school motto.

    Whatsoever things are true,
    Whatsoever things are honest,
    Whatsoever things are just,
    Whatsoever things are pure,
    Whatsoever things are lovely,
    Whatsoever things are of good report,
    Think on these things.

    I wish the blog had been mindful of this not just seeking to bring down the whole institution.

    May God have mercy.

  17. Whatever is the truth (and the truth is more than important - without it there can be no trust)what can be done to save Unity High School?
    I don't know what the tuth is but can the school survive? And what about the many honest Sudanese teachers and workers there whose future is in jeopardy? What can be done?

  18. This blog has not and is not trying to bring down the whole institution. This is a naive and dysfunctional view and fly's in the face of the astonishing amount of evidence against Boulos and Kondo and their gang. This blog has been tireless in trying to have the criminals removed from the school and the school returned to a legal position for the benefit of the education of the students.
    It is utterly astonishing that so many spectators of this fiasco in the school have such a highly warped perspective on the whole matter: pointing the finger of blame at those who have uncovered the crimes and are reporting them in an effort to have the criminals removed from the school, rather than pointing the finger of blame at the criminals themselves - the ones that have done and are continuing to cause the damage to the school. This blog collected the information and handed it on to the proper authorities so that they could do something about putting the school back on a legal footing. It is not the fault of this blog that those authorities have so far refused to do so.

  19. Yes, what about the many honest Sudanese teachers - and also the honest parents, and students? And others with an interest in the welfare of the school? Where are they in standing up and making themselves counted in an effort to try and save the school? They should not see their school destroyed by Kondo and his gang and should themselves be taking up the gauntlet and refusing to let it happen.

  20. What were the circumstances leading up to the removal of the trustees by the school council? What was going on that led to this happening? What did the trustees have to say about it and why wasn't there uproar at the time? Was it stealing or was something else happening? It is unfortunate that there is no communication from the likes of David Treagust or William Strath. I'm sure it would be possible to contact Dr. Strath for his opinion. Please try to make contact with these people so that their opinion could be understood. It would be good for the sake of balanced and fair coverage.

  21. Has anyone thought to ask whether the authorities who will be examining this case and trying Mr. Boulos can actually be trusted to do their work accurately, fairly and without massive corruption. Look at the Gillian Gibbons case - it hit the news on the day that two big UN reports on government atrocities in Darfur were being published. The stirring up of the people to protest - the inability to genuinely get to the bottom of the case at the time. Corruption within the school is dreadful and shameful but corruption outside of the school can be menacing and dangerous. Those honestly seeking to right wrongs are caught between a rock and a hard place.

  22. Is it really 'Kondo and his gang' and 'Boulos and his gang of criminals/thieves' who are destroying the school?

  23. "A better principal"??????!!!!!!! - whoever you are did you ever look at exam results prior to Dr Marina's arrival?? The fact of the matter is that the school was in a financial mess and was certainly not a leading light in education in Sudan before she arrived.
    No-one wants the school to fail that is why so many of us were so vocal about the need to weed out corruption. Robbie and his gang have been stealing for years - why don't you ask about all the Social Insurance he has been picking up and pocketing that did not belong to him?
    The day before I left he tried to cheat me out of money I was owed and I am still waiting on my Social Insurance money.

  24. Anonymous: Who else is it that you might think is destroying the school if not for the people that stole it in 1995 and have been stealing the students fees and the staff salaries and entitlements ever since? There is no one else with the agenda or the desire to do so. Everyone else is trying to save the school (or doing nothing)and ensure that the money paid as fees to the school is not stolen and used for the personal gratification of those who claim to govern it.
    And the other Anonymous: Please feel free to contact David Treagust or William Strath for their opinions if you feel that you need to know them. Efforts have been made to contact both and there has been no result from either.

  25. The question of whether the authorities can be trusted is a valid one. This we do not know for certain, but what is known for certain is that Boulos and Kondo and Fanous have been and still are involved right now in damaging the school and stealing large sums of money from it. This is not even open to question as there is too much evidence and testimony to verify this. So do we trust those who we already know are completely untrustworthy, or do we take chance that the authorities will prove to be trustworthy? It is not an easy question to answer but then as will many aspects of life, it is a gamble. What was and is clear is that the current regime certainly could not, and cannot still be trusted. The choice is whether to accept one situation where it is known that the parents and the students and the teachers are being stolen from or to take the chance that something better can be put in its place where this criminality does not exist anymore. Only time can answer that question.

  26. David Traegust cannot be found. I am looking for him too.
    Dr Strath is at the British School in Iran. I wrote on more than one occasion but received no reply. If he has an honest explanation then he is certainly not telling us.
    Barry Birch knew nothing as far as I can see and cannot be held accountable in any way.
    By the way the Bishop got a car and I got my contract extended!!!!! Kondo trid to have me removed within two weeks of getting his car. Maybe because I didn't want to pay for the petrol.

  27. An interesting point"Was it theft or was it something else?"
    Clearly it is theft but are you asking was there a good reason why it had to be done? I also researched this. I suggested to the Bishp that this was a plan by Robbie and Safwat to stop the Trustees beaing all from the same church. He said that he thoughtit was and that he and his Church had also been cheated. I asked myself (and him but he had no answer) why he went along with it then as he himself was named as a Trustee on the documents from the Archbishop and then the one of Reuben. I then discovered that Kondo was not on the first list of the Archbishop. A guy called Hilary had his place. Kondo therefore joined Robbie and Safwat against his own churchmen to make sure he was on. Then Hilary left the country and Kondo was put on in his place. Too late. Kondo has already joined Robbie.
    I can also understand the Copts in not wanting all Anglicans but the Anglicans chosen by Reuben and the Archbishop seemed pretty decent. Especially Khamis Ruba who is still on the Council. The problem is that Trustees were not meant to be the Church members. Positions on the Council were reserved for them. Furthermore if there were reasons for the theft then did that mean the Trustees needed to be eradicated. There was uproar in the Council as Dr Safwat and Robbie know very well. Questions continued to be raised for the next three years. I only have the minuted versions of the disputes. These are all on this blog so you can read for yourselves. The minutes of meetings do not contain the full arguement and the Council are notorious for not minuting things they do not like. Fair question though and I am glad you asked it.
    Also to all those people referring to rumours. A rumour is something that has no real foundation and probably no basis in truth. All allegations made against the Council have fully supporting documented evidence hence cannot be classed as rumours. No one can have people imprisoned on rumour (well maybe they can in Sudan)and if they did the case would fall apart. I think the documentation was translated into Arabic and fully examined by the arresting bodies before arrests were made. The forgery of staff names on Power of Attorney documents has full confirmation from every staff member who left. Robbie admitted doing it. I seriously thoughthe was joking when he told me until I found the forgeries for myself in staff files.
    In final answer to the question does the ends justify the means? Certainly not in this case. If you are reading this Dr Safwat you may convince yourself that you had altruistic motives but you can never convince me.
    T;The ex-staff member writing in good faith trying to examine things with an open mind Robbie and Safwat stole the right of the chosen Trustees who were all members of your Church and Bishop Kondo helped them

  28. This is the most helpful posting on the blog, Dr. Marina. Things still don't add up to me fully, but thanks for the time.

  29. This is a very complicated case and you really have to go all the way back to 1902 to understand what really was going on. I have scoured every document and tried to contact anyone who would throw more light on the matter. I am now as big an expert as anyone on the history of he school even though I was only there for five years.
    Things will not add up unless you really take the time to read all the documents relating to the forged Trust Deed, especially the Councl minutes for the next three years.
    Many Council members are simply doing what they see as best for the school and those people were bullied mercilessly for three years before they finally capitulated into the acceptance of these five false Trustees.
    Robbie,Safwat and the Bishop were far more forceful than Khamis Ruba and Canon Samaan etc and the good people on the Council trusted them.
    The school was meant to be managed by the Trustees, a separate body from the Council. Gwynne had good reason for this and no one had the right to go against him. It was Gwynne's school to leave to whom he wished and he tried to protect it. The lack of respect shown to Gwynne by some Council members over a period of forty years is heartbreaking.I admit that I am not a big churchgoer but I do have some ethics. It is exactly because I am not so involved with the Church that I have been able to look independently at the situation. This is something previous Principals had a problem with. They would be betraying their Church and not all its members are corrupt.I am so sorry that this happened but this blog is doing nothing other than giving information to the people of Sudan in the hope that they will use it properly for the benfit of the school.


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