Saturday, July 2, 2011

Forged Powers of Attorney for Ben Jefferies and Terence Simmons - 2010

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These documents are copies of the powers of attorney for ex members of staff, Ben Jefferies and Terence Simmons in respect of social insurance payments that they were entitled to at the end of their contracts as employees at Unity High School. These two documents are samples - such documents exist for almost all the teaching staff at Unity High School going back a number of years. 

Ben Jefferies did in fact sign this document as he thought it was an end of service agreement but there were no witnesses present. The witness signatures that are now on it, were added later and are witnessing nothing. This document is a forgery. Terence Simmons did not sign this document at all and his signature is a forgery. 

Whilst Ben did receive some money in respect of his social insurance entitlement, this was only a token amount as his full salary was never declared to the social insurance office. No member of the teaching staff has their full salary declared to the social insurance office and it is a long-standing policy of Robert Boulos to ensure that this is always the case. Terence Simmons was, as are almost all of the ex-pat staff that have worked at Unity over the past few years, completely unaware of his legal entitlement to a payment from the social insurance office.

It is a matter of routine for Robert Boulos to forge documents such as these and then make a claim in the social insurance office for the money that rightfully belongs to the member of staff named on the documents. These members of staff never receive the money that they are owed. Instead the money is pocketed by Robert Boulos and his accomplices to this criminal activity within the school. 

This theft, fraud and forgery is a routine part of the work of Robbie and his own gang of thieves within the school and takes place every time a member of staff leaves. However it was Safwat Fanous that first employed this technique of stealing social insurance money from the staff when he was the Director of Unity High School. Boulos has merely carried on with Fanous' technique, to provide himself with the occasional financial 'perk' in his role as Director of the school. 

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