Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Episcopal Church of Sudan Boys' School in Omdurman, Founded About 50 Years Ago - 18th May 2011

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The Episcopal Church's Boys' School in Omdurman is, like the other two schools run by the ECS in Omdurman, run down and in need if significant repairs and improvements. This school, built somewhat later than it's sister schools (which you can find here: The Episcopal Church of Sudan Primary School in Omdurman, Founded in 1906 - 18th May 2011, and here: The Episcopal Church of Sudan Girls' School in Omdurman, Founded in 1912 - 18th May 2011) is denied funds by the Church despite the fact that funds are donated to it specifically for the purpose of financing the upkeep and educational infrastructure of the school.

It is the practice of the school's governing body (identical to that of Unity, minus the Copts) to inform the staff at the school that the Church has no money to spend on the buildings or indeed the staff salaries for significant parts of the year as the government steals the money and thus the Church is very poor. This is a lie. The money is simply syphoned off and spent elsewhere - almost certainly for personal use as has been the habit with the money stolen from Unity High School by the same people for a number of years.

Questions need to be asked over the finances of the ECS schools in Omdurman and a clear accounting given of where the money has gone that has been donated to it. Winifred Hill, a former Trustee of Unity High School was also the Principal of this school - once more showing the clear historical links between Unity and the early work of the CMS in providing schools in Sudan.

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