Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dr Marina Hitchen & Steve Gooch Visit the Episcopal Church of Sudan Schools in Omdurman - 18th May 2011

Horrified at the blatant theft of school monies from Unity High School, Dr. Marina and Steve Gooch went to take a look at some of the other schools that had either been built by or fallen under the care of Bishop Gwynne in the early years of the 20th Century. The schools in Omdurman, run by the Episcopal Church of Sudan, are such schools and are now in desperate need of finance, maintenance and good educational management. These schools have been systematically looted of donations and all other monies earmarked for their care, maintenance and staff salaries over the years and are an example of what could become of Unity High School under the management of it's current School Council. The schools in Omdurman are largely governed by the same people who now sit on the School Council of Unity High School.

You can find the photographs of the visit to the schools here:
The Episcopal Church of Sudan Primary School in Omdurman, Founded in 1906 - 18th May 2011
The Episcopal Church of Sudan Girls' School in Omdurman, Founded in 1912 - 18th May 2011
The Episcopal Church of Sudan Boys' School in Omdurman, Founded About 50 Years Ago - 18th May 2011

If you wish to explore the evidence relating to the looting and corruption engaged in by officials of the Episcopal Church of Sudan and their accomplices at Unity High School, then please follow these links:
Corruption in the School
Financial Irregularities

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  1. I am glad that I got to see these schools. I could not believe the state that they were in. I cannot even begin to understand the mentality of people that, without compunction, can steal from children and leave them with a school like this, and walk away without the slightest sense of remorse or guilt over their actions. These people are not Christians. They hide behind this label to cover up their illegal and immoral activities.


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