Saturday, July 2, 2011

Constitution & Statutes - 5th November 2008

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This is the most recent version of the Constitution and Statutes as illegally prepared by the School Council in 2008. Only the Board of Trustees can re-write the school Constitution, yet the Board of Trustees was terminated by members of the School Council in 1995 through the forging of legal documents to make themselves the Trustees. You can find information relating to the elimination of the Board of Trustees from the running of the school by following the link Corruption in the School, where all of the evidence so far accumulated has been posted.

Again we see in this revised Constitution, the stranglehold of the criminals Bishop Kondo, Robert Boulos and Safwat Fanous, along with their accomplices within the School Council being tightened with the continued removal of any mention of the Board of Trustees from the Constitution and the vesting of all power within themselves as members of the School Council. You can find the last legal version of the school Constitution here: The School Constitution & Statutes - Revised 1973. The first and last time that the schools criminal gang rewrote the Constitution in an attempt to hide their theft and fraud was in 1997. The 1997 version of the Constitution - also illegal for the same reasons, can be found here: Constitution & Statutes Draft Version - 22nd March 1997.

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  1. I believed that the 1997 Constitution was legal when I agreed to the changes here. I queried who the Trustes were as mentioned in one paragrph about ownership. I was told they had to have someof the Council to put on the land registry according to Sudanes Law and some had been chosen. was not satisfied with the answer but had no other documentation regarding Trustees at that time.I now know that this Constitution is illegal


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