Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Warning Letter From Robert Boulos to Victor Ellias - 14th July 2009

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The above warning letter to Victor Ellias from Robert Boulos was never given to Victor, nor was it ever shown to Dr. Marina. This warning letter was written in response to the accumulated evidence of his ongoing theft from the school. You can see some of that evidence here: Victor Ellias - Theft, Corruption & The Church at Unity High School - May 2008 to October 2010. Victor is still employed at the school.


  1. This letter was stopped by the Bishop before it got to me although I knew one was being written. The reason why this warning was not given was twofold.
    Victor is a big church member and I believe the Church Treasurer and the Bishop thought this would mean a scandal for the Church
    Robbie was worried regarding blackmail in the Social Insurance which I did not fully understand until just recently. Victor stayed in the casiers office until the theft became too big for even Robbie and the Bishop to deal with. He is now working in the Primary Office

  2. This letter, together with the previously published information about Rev. Victor's thefts from the school, should be sent directly to the Archbishop of Sudan, within whose Archdiocese the Diocese of Khartoum exists.

    It is deeply disturbing that the *Treasurer of the Diocese of Khartoum*, Reverend Victor, should *freely admit* such acts of theft. It is inexplicable that the Bishop of Khartoum should seek to protect this individual from the internal disciplinary measures of the school, or the criminal charges one would normally expect to be levelled against him.

  3. Interesting that Victor has Social Insurance money to collect. Quite a big amount for someone who was a guard and got promoted to cashier. Must have being paying the full whack for this one. So how is it decided who should be paying correct Social Insurance, who incorrect and who none.
    Why did Victor not sign a power of attorney to Izzat as per the usual procedure of Mr Boulos? Must because of his high level of trustworthiness as a Rev.

  4. Can not stop laughing at this one. Robbie Bolous sending a letter to Victor about theft when everyone in Khartoum knows Robbie Bolous is the biggest thief in the city! This is quite something Robbie. What is that verse from the Bible "let he who is without sin cast the first stone" -is that not it? Robbie you should know being such a law-abiding, honest Christian!
    My God when are this lot going to be lashed and imprisoned.

  5. The activities of the Bishop of Khartoum (and can we be certain that he is really the Bishop? Or did he steal this post too, like he stole the position of Trustee at Unity High School) become less inexplicable, when one takes on board that he is a major criminal and the head of what is being referred to as a mafia gang.

  6. It is debatable as to whether Robbie Boulos or Safwat Fanous or Bishop Kondo is the biggest thief....but the point is taken.

  7. UHS - I agree. It would be quite a task to actually draw up a table for all three of these thieves and work out what each one has taken in money from the school over the years and then see who is the biggest thief. Wonder if one of them would be interested in commenting here and shedding light on the World Championship Theft Winner??

  8. It seems to me that who is the biggest theif is not so important. Why one would be bigger than another would have been down to opportunity. Personally I think Safwat would be the winner as all this seem to have been his idea. He kept staff happy (or happier) to deflect from his theft. Anyway the Sudan Govt seem to think this theft is OK, because some of them are also on the payroll. What are parents thinking of accepting all this corruption? They do not understand? They want to join in? They do not care? I guess all of these are factors. All of you need to know, the theives themselves and those sitting idly by (you are now accomplices after the fact) that these people steal from kids. YOUR KIDS.


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