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Victor Ellias - Theft, Corruption & The Church at Unity High School - May 2008 to October 2010

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The above documents detail some of the financial irregularities associated with the employment of Victor Ellias at the school. Although there were many calls for his dismissal, and many times this was agreed to, he was never dismissed, in spite of his constant theft of school and staff monies (via their wage packets), as it would have been considered to be an embarrassment to the Church as well as the school.  Robert Boulos did however write a warning letter to him (though it was never actually given to Victor), which you can see here: A Warning Letter From Robert Boulos to Victor Ellias - 14th July 2009. Victor was and still is the Church Treasurer.


  1. Victor took money for his own personal use and never denied it. He also ran a small advance system for the teachers using the schools money. Regular users of this illegal banking system were Rev Joseph, Milly and Nahid (linda's own sister)
    Pay packets rarely balanced when Victor prepared them with staff being as much as 30SDG down. This can mount up qute a lot with 156 staff.
    Victor is busy collecting evidence on Robbie in order to carry on stealing himself. He constantly came to me with complaints of Robbie stealing but said he would keep the evidence until later. Perhaps his latest request of three yerars advance salary and its subsequent refusal by myself may now encourage Victor to tell on the rest.

  2. I believe the term used is "we have gone from the sublime to the ridiculous" or is it the other way around?? Whichever this is actually hilarious. Victor working in accounts, Victor stealing, Victor not being fired and the funniest (in a sick way) is that Victor is treasurer at the Church!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Dear God, has the Archbishop of Canterbury a brain in his head?? Why is he not doing something. His flock are off on their only little missions and no-one is stopping them. Christians, eh? Fantastic people, I am sure they have got this "thou shalt not steal" business muddled and think it is "thou shalt steal". Think it is time the international media were swooping in on this if the Archbishop is too inept to do anything. Think time for a little email to a couple of papers is long overdue.
    Better head south Victor if you have any sense. Although I guess with Marina out of the school the safe must be wide open and your grubby little paws must be in their helping themselves to lots of money.

  3. I am deeply unimpressed to learn that not only did Victor earn more a month than a deputy head of school; but that he apparently got his social insurance refund... and in advance!

  4. If you wish to contact the international media then please feel free to do so. You may download any images from this Archive that you wish. Please do however forward a copy of your press release to this Archive for posting - preferably in the form of a jpeg. file. If you write an article yourself, then please also forward a copy to the Archive with relevant details of publication and date etc.

    You may like to try the News of the World newspaper in the UK, who have already expressed a strong interest in pursuing this story on two ocassions. They would be happy to hear from you. Again, feel free to use any text or images that you feel is relevant on this Archive.

  5. Why not do this yourself?

  6. It would appear that the person suggesting contacting the media does indeed have every intention of doing this themselves...

  7. I would council great caution in contacting the international media. Editors are looking for good stories - and good stories are ones that fit the profile of the newspaper concerned and sell copy.

    A journalist will, as a result, cut, emphasise or otherwise turn the story to best please the demands of his/her newspaper. A reporter will certainly use the materials on this site - whether they attribute them is quite another matter, as the rules of copyright and attribution when it comes to public domain electronic media are still not properly clarified. Be certain that some of the fruitier accusations (however basically truthful and heartfelt) will be noticed and reported. This may, actually, not do you many favours - as the reporter is quite within his/her rights to place any interpretation on such comments.

    It is vital to remember that not all journalists are knights on white steeds, determined to uncover the truth. In the end, they are doing a job of work - and that job is selling newspapers. A "good story" may not be one that you especially want as a report of your efforts on this site to uncover corruption in the school.


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