Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sticking Your Head in the Sand and Spreading False Accusations on Facebook - 20th April to 30th May 2011

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  1. I do not think I ever asked for money in Egyptian Currency. As for my hotel I have raised money from various places but all of it legitimate. I can guarantee that and I would strongly recommend that no one else suggests otherwise because I will sue them and I have all my bank statements to prove it. Touch of jealousy if you ask me anything.
    I want to leave with what I am owed but I turned it down once unless ALL staff get what they are owed. I think some Principals before me may have had pay offs but that is not a proven fact.
    I think you are coming from a culture that has a problem understanding that sometimes people do things that are not for personal gain. I am happy to discuss my point of view with you if you have the guts to speak to me directly.
    You need to look elsewhere for theft from the school and THINK. I am not bringing court actions against other people if I was stealing myself. The Council and Robbie would love to find some small theft on my part as that would discredit me completely. They won't find it because it didn't happen

  2. OK I see now that this is from Reem Gamal. Now love if you need some lessons in how to raise money for projects such as hotels I am happy to advise. There are such things as taking partners, bank loans, venture capital, selling shares, making deals with hotel and travel companies. Theft would not be the brightest or indeed the easiest option.
    Secondly please remember that you need evidence before making these wild statements. Why would Bishop and Robbie steal you ask? No idea is the answer but the evidence is there to prove it. Why would Marina steal you ask? Because she is building a hotel? No evidence of theft done by Dr Marina. You cannot establish a motive and draw a conclusion from that motive.
    Anyway I have left the school now and do not need to be giving any more lessons especially when it seems that lessons were a bit wasted on you. Try to think rationally please and at least if you do that I will have taught you something.

  3. One of the problems is that corruption and theft is so widespread, so much a part of the culture, so much an everyday occurrence that many people have no concept of what it is like to go through life without stealing, forging, engaging in petty fraud. They find it hard to believe that anyone can be honest. There is the unapologetic views of Waddah Mohamed, the chairman of the PTA who actually believes that it is perfectly OK for the teachers to be stolen from. Others who think that we should just accept the theft of the school, and let the thieves take what they want as it is all ok....unbelievable.

  4. Extraordinary - this looks like a deliberate smear campaign.

    Just to confirm what Steve wrote:

    (1) You need a username and password for administrator privileges on any blog - one self-hosted, hosted on a server that you rent, or one (like this) that is hosted on the servers at Google.

    (2) Blogspot is a blog facility offered from Google for free. So Steve paid nothing for the use of their servers or the use of their blogging software.

    (3)If Steve was to be paid for his incredible work in setting up and maintaining this worthwhile blog, then he richly deserves to be so rewarded. The sheer number of labour-hours Steve has put into this blog is there to see.

    Defamation, by the way, is a serious offense in both traditional Islamic law and the criminal code of the Republic of Sudan. The sort of insinuations against Steve and Dr. Marina evident in the above exchanges on Facebook may very well be construed as defamation by written word, that is libel.

  5. Just to confirm: once you hit the 1GB free limit for upload of images and videos on a Google blog, then there is a need to pay for further storage. Although the amount is minimal, Steve will be funding this storage personally when the first years payment expires. The kids at Unity love this site and are on it a lot and ever day. As an example, there was a teaching assistant in the primary school who found that her students (where was the teacher that this assistant was taking the lesson for?) had a few minutes at the end of a lesson. Warned that the students could not use Facebook or messenger services, every student in that Year 6 class immediately logged into this Archive. In two and a half months it logged almost 18,000 hits. Since coming back online it is approaching 21,000 hits. It is painful to see that a facility such as this, which is for the benefit and enrichment of the students is having to be used in the way that it currently is - yet it is all a legitimate part of the school's history. Let us hope that it will soon be a part of the history of the school that will soon be no more than that.

    YouTube is used for hosting videos as much as possible as this keeps the use of paid for storage down, but there are now over 6,000 images on this Archive. I hope for happier times on this Archive and we can soon forget the evil that has been done to this school.

  6. The Administrator of the Facebook page above has now been deleted and any comments looking as if they come from him or her sent to this Archive will be deleted. He/she is clearly incapable of following logic and bases all of his/her understanding of the issue on badly thought out assumptions, rumour and fantasy - much of it made up by him/herself. This person, despite the obvious and clear evidence believes that Boulos and Kondo are not thieves. The line of argument emanating from this person, clearly indicates that they are a possibly part of the gang of thieves themselves.


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