Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Statement by Bishop Ezekiel Kondo and a Reply From Dr. Marina Hitchen - 23rd June 2011

The following statement was issued by Bishop Ezekiel Kondo as a defense against the criminal activities that he and his colleagues have been engaged in over a number of years, the evidence for which has been posted to this Archive and lodged with the authorities in Khartoum:

Statement by The Rt. Revd. Ezekiel Kondo, Bishop of Khartoum of the Episcopal Church of the Sudan and Chairman of the Council of Unity High School, Khartoum

Reference to the recent announcements and allegations which have been circulated over the internet and other media, I hereby would like to assure all the concerned that all these allegations are false, and were sourced from the former Principal, Dr. Marina Hitchen, who worked as Principal from 2006-2011, she being responsible for the scholastic and financial affairs of the school. During the past five years of her tuner of office, she never raised any of those allegations, but only after the school Council decided not to renew her contact, which she resented very strongly.

Dr. Marina's reply to Bishop Kondo's statement:

Dear Sirs, 

I wish to state that I am not the person sending the email regarding the theft and corruption at Unity High School. Had I done so I would have signed it. I would also wish to state that I did not source this information as the Rev Ezekiel Kondo states. The information was freely given (by mistake) to place on the school archive. Finding myself in possession of such information is not pleasant. Information relating to the original Trust document was sourced in March of this year and many of the other allegations are hence directly linked so consequently without this information I was unable to raise objections. I did raise objections to other financial irregularities from 2006 onwards as the School Council is well aware. All allegations are supported with documented evidence and as a consequence of this cannot be false. The information on the school archive is for anyone to read and interpret as they see fit and to comment without bias or prejudice.

My resentment was definitely there, but for the children and staff, more than for myself. However it would appear that many people cannot believe that someone can act for what they believe in without self interest. It is unfortunate that the information was revealed after the termination of my contract but it was actually revealed as a consequence of that termination. I went to appeal to the Trustees only to find they had been eradicated illegally in 1995. This is not in the spirit of Bishop Gwynne’s original intentions. 

One could question the staff and my motivation in revealing these documents should one wish to do so but that will not alter the fact of their existence or change the truth revealed therein. 



It should be noted that, as Dr. Marina has pointed out in her letter to Bishop Kondo, the evidence of Kondo's criminal activities was discovered entirely due to the termination of Dr. Marina's contract and was not known of until that point. The documents showing that Bishop Kondo did indeed steal Unity High School along with his colleagues in crime: Safwat Fanous, Robert Boulos, Makram Margos and the former Bishop, Bishop Boulos, were buried deep in a number of files that were piled up ready to be Archived in due course. Once it became known that Dr. Marina had her contract illegally terminated, it became necessary to make representations to the Board of Trustees over this issue as they are supposed to be the Governing Body of the School - as set out in the school's Trust Deed. It was at this point that the crimes of the above were discovered, when it became clear that they had terminated the Board of Trustees and made themselves the effective owners of Unity High School, through forging documents and lodging them with the Land Registry.


  1. I would like to add that although I did not send the letter out regarding the corruption myself I fully support the staff members who did so. The letter signed as Unity teacher expresses the opinion of many of the teaching staff, some of whom are still working at Unity but who are too afraid to speak out. Some teaching staff left Unity without jobs to go to because they felt so strongly about the situation.
    I would further add that I was never responsible for the financial affairs of the school. This is against Ministry regulations. I did not report the excessive donations to Church members because I believed it to be their own money. I objected strongly to the poor accounting systems and to the continued employment of the incompetent accountant and the dishonest cashier. I tried to fight the corruption from inside as I was not aware that I had redress elsewhere.
    By stating that I sourced these allagations Bishop Kondo is admitting that there is something to be sourced. If he intended to say that I am the source then I would refer him to the documentation and in particular to his illegal trust document and his own Council minutes.
    We, as ex Unity staff are the messengers, not the culprits of the crimes. Currently we are the ones who appear to be being held responsible for the disruption in the school and the perpertrators of the crimes are acting as the injured party.

  2. I should also add that previous staff knew about this corruption and informed no-one. Does that make them better than us because they kept quiet or joined in? I do not thimk so. Things would not have reached this stage had someone spoken out earlier.There has been years of corruption bought off either by money,fear or misguided loyalty to the Churches concerned. The corruption will continue until people stop burying their heads in the sand or taking payoffs. We ar trying to stop damage to the school, not cause more. If people think that letting others steal money from chikdrens school fees is the best way to keep the school going then I have some serious concerns about their morality and motivation

  3. It is utterly bizarre and a sign of some sort of mental aberration that some people: parents, teachers and others, seem to think that those who are reporting the crimes of Kondo, Boulos and Safwat et al, are the ones responsible for the damage to the school, and not those who stole it, looted it, abused the staff and denied students, teachers and parents their rights. There is something seriously wrong with the mental capacity of a person who turns the truth on its head and can actually believe and defend the lie that black is white. Instead of defending the criminals, these people should be putting their efforts into taking the school back from them and restoring it to what it should be for the sake of the students and the students to come.

  4. Bishop Kondo's comments are very revealing:

    He makes two claims:

    (1) All allegations are false;

    (2) Dr Marina incited/caused publication of these allegations because she was aggrieved at the conduct of the Board in not re-appointing her as Principal for the next academic year.

    Now, even if Kondo's opinion about the reasons for the publication of the materials on this site was proven to be correct, this would have no bearing on the truth or falsity of the allegations.

    As it happens, Kondo is incorrect about the motivation of the people behind the publication of documents that may be taken as prima facie evidence of gross corruption, abuse of power and blatant theft on the part of members of the Board of Unity High School. Dr Marina and the site owner have made that quite clear in their responses to Bishop Kondo's comments, above.

    Kondo's response is that of a desperate man, who has been caught with his hand in the cookie jar; and whose only defence is to claim that the person who caught him does not like him! The real question is: was your hand in the cookie jar, Bishop?

    To be clear, Dr Marina and others are not proffering their *opinions* of Kondo, et al, on this site. The owner of this site is publishing school documents that may be taken as evidence of serious illegality and wrongdoing over a sustained period of time at Unity High School.

    In contrast, Kondo is projecting his *opinion* for the reasons for the publication of these documents, denying their veracity (without rebutting evidence) and supporting his case with an ad hominum attack against people who are, in any case, motivated by a desire to free the school from the depredations of the thieves, frauds, liars and cheats who have, for far too long, been in too many positions of authority in the school.


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