Monday, June 6, 2011

Since the First Council Meeting Attended by Dr Marina She Has Been Asking Questions About Finance and the Accountant - May 2011

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The powers of attorney documents that are referred to near the bottom of page 4 for Ben Jefferies (not Griffiths) and Terence Simmons can be found here: Forged Powers of Attorney for Ben Jefferies and Terence Simmons - 2010.


  1. Five years on; three treasurers on;2 auditors on; same accountant refusing to use a proper system.No audit for nine years. I think they did not trust myself or Barry Birch to fiddle the audit. They are waiting for the right Principal for this. Either too dumb to figure it out or one they can add to the payroll.
    I express my thanks to Barry Birch who whilst he did not succeed in sorting out the finances he kept himself honest. Misguided maybe but honest

  2. Jan 2009 Social Insurance underpayments or non payments blamed on the accountant. Is that correct?

  3. Most recent expat staff to leave are still awaiting their social insurance entitlements and expat staff that have left are being told about this - more for the Social Insurance dept to dig around and ask harami Robbie where the money has gone - although most people know exactly where Robbie put the money - along with his dear friend Bishop Harami Kondo

  4. Actually, you are missing the point: the issue is not whether the accountant was responsible for non-payment/irregular payment of SI.

    The issue is that this document shows, prima facie, that the people in charge of the school knew that such irregularities existed.

    This is the point that needs to be pursued, patiently and in law.

  5. Might I have confirmation that it is the intention to pursue SI reimbursement for *both* staff who left at the end of this academic year *and* staff who left prior to this academic year - staff who were either not paid SI reimbursements at all or who were dramatically underpaid the same?

  6. The underpayments of staff prior to those leaving at the end of this academic year are not covered by the current legal action.

  7. The point being that why are you contacting staff who left *prior* to this year if you do not intend to pursue legal action on their behalf?

    They are not simply canon-fodder to be used in order to pressurise the Board! That would be outrageous.

  8. 1/ You were contacted to alert you to the fact that you were stolen from.
    2/ There is no obligation on the part of any member of staff to pursue legal action on behalf of people who worked at the school some time ago - how far back would this be taken?
    3/ If a member of staff is now aware of money that they were owed whereas previously they were not, they are now in a position to take the necessary action to claim that money.
    4/ There is no board.
    5/ Sarcasm is not appreciated - especially when it is the result of lack of insight into the true nature of the reason behind your being contacted.
    6/ Ex-staff were not contacted - your email address happened to be hidden in the depths of a cluster of email addresses - you were not the primary target for the email but it was felt that alerting you to the fact that staff monies had been stolen, would only benefit you if you wished to pursue a claim.

  9. You can claim and welcome. No one can claim on your behalf this is simply not legal. You are welcome to use tha same lawyer and if you email me I would give that information as to how to go about it. No=-ne is interested in pressurising the board. There is no board. You are not canon fodder: we simpy cannot claim on your behalf. Simple as that.


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