Friday, June 24, 2011

A Request for the School to Pay for the Repair of the Car that the School Gave to the Bishop - 21st September 2010

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  1. Actually I think this went to Rev Musa's OWN car.
    Why does the Bishop have a car as a gift from the school? Why do we want to repair Rev Musa's car.
    These two never come to any school functions or visit the school other than to collect money. Rev Musa once stood in for the Bishop at a prizegiving (once in 5 year that is). In 2011 Bishop Kondo spent 15mins at the graduation before he had to leave to pick up someone from the aiport. All other visits to the school were to collect cash. He did not even attend the Christmas concert. How can he possibly profess to be interested in the school or set himself up as capable to choose a Principal?


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