Friday, June 24, 2011

A Request For an Advance Loan of 80,000 SDG for the 'Pressing Needs of the Diocese' From Bishop Kondo & the Bank Voucher & Cheque - 22nd & 26th March 2011

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  1. Thisis a fascinating one. I was sacked the week before this cheque was written. I now was beginning to find out that these donations were not legal. I objected to this donation request on the grounds that the budget had not been approved so how could we give a donation against it. The budget was showing a loss so I did not intend to approve this item on the budgetand they knew it so got in early. I left 2 signed cheques as I had to leave the country the next day. One was for the workers wages and one for petty cash. These must have been combined so that one was left for the Bishop. Why was the cheque not written directly to ECS? Because Robert Boulos thought the Bishop might want the cheque paying directly to himself or the accountnt. This cheque should be recalled to see who was the beneficiary even though it is illegal regardless. No charity gives donatons without accountability so why is Unity doing it?


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