Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Notes By William Strath Over His Support for the Illegal Board of Trustees - 30th March 1998

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The above notes were prepared by Principal William Strath in March of 1998; some time before his presentation to the School Council in November of the same year where he defended the illegal Trustees, the notes for which can be found here: Notes for a School Council Meeting & Copy of the 1945 School Trust Deed Made by the Principal William Strath - 24th November 1998. Clearly he had been researching the situation as regards the Trustees for some time, but did not have access to, or did not find all of the evidence that is now available on this Archive and in the hands of the Sudanese authorities.

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  1. I think Dr Strath had seen everything and was trying to pck out what he needed. Or he was given these extracts. These are extracts from Councl meetings and if he had read all of them he would have known what was going on.
    Treagust did not mee 2 trustees. He may not even have met one. It clearly states these are nominations and Reuben accepted nominations. The Council cannot then elect them.
    The 1997 Constitution eradicatin Trustees was already operating.How did Bill Strath finally convince the Council about the Trustees in November. he had no new evidence and they had never been convinced before. In his presentation he says the Council cannot discuss Trustees. In his notes he says the Council can ELECT Trustees. Bill Strath was actively seeking to support Safwat (The then Director) and the Bishop (His employer). He knew what he was doing.


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