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A Letter From David Treagust About the Board of Trustees and Rev Reuben Makoi - 7th October 1995

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What is striking about this letter from David Treagust to 'Andy' is that he is claiming that Reuben Makoi is the sole Trustee for the school, yet in June of this same year - four months earlier, David Treagust supposedly witnessed a letter appointing five new Trustees. You can find the letter here: A Letter Purporting to be From a Meeting of the Board of Trustees in Which New Trustees Were Appointed - 7th June 1995. How is it then if Makoi appointed five new Trustees in June, plus Makoi himself and also the Archbishops of Sudan and Egypt (making eight Trustees in total - one over the legal limit) that Treagust is claiming that Makoi is the only remaining Trustee still in October? Clearly and very obviously there was something wrong with the legality of the hand-written scrap of a note that was forged earlier in June. It is also very clear that Treagust himself knew of the illegality of their 'back of a cigarette packet' type of a approach to making legal documents.

Treagust asks that Andy try to get Makoi to sign a new document in front of a solicitor. Not an easy task in the bush of southern Sudan. Why was this not done when they were supposedly meeting in London? A much easier task.

The other pages are amateurish attempts by Nabil Adib, the lawyer who was co-opted into the gang who were stealing the school, to provide a range of different flavours of legal documents so that Makoi could pick the one he liked the most - assuming Andy ever found him. Providing different forms to choose from ('take your pick') is absurd and not conducive to presenting a sense of professionalism and integrity to the standing of the lawyer.  


  1. None of these attempts by Nabil fulfill the requirements anyway. Interestingly Nabil does suggest approaching the Foreign Ministry so maybe he knew this Trust was legalised in UK in 1945. I doubt it though as he did not even know what the Trust should look like. I think he was deperate to get some/any authority to give some credence to the theft so he could exonerate himself if he ever needed to do so.
    Great Stuff Nabil for a lawyer of your supposed integrity. As a Human Rights Lawyer of some repute I will assume you now intend to put all this to rights for the sake of those who set up the school and its Trust. Or are you stil backing your mate Safwat.
    I have the log entry from Barry Birch where Nabil tells Barry Christine Perkins has no legal entitlements from the school after 15 years service. No Social Insurance? No unfair dismissal? Such integrity Nabil! If I ever need a dodgy lawyer I know where to look but you will have to up your game a bit.

  2. Forgot to mention David Treagust's part in all this. I think he is a bit scared now and that's why he is sub-contracting to Andy and sending to Safwat and leaving Sudan. I think he knows Makoi will never agree to all of this.
    If he does find a solicitor in the bush one would hope that he would have the sense to write the thing properly rather than go with one of Nabil's selections. Anyway they didn't find him so they never got it signed and even if they had Makoi would have had to hold a constitutionally correct meeting with the Archbishops. Nabil knows this so why is he writing such rubbish in the first place. Did he go to law school?
    This Nabil was Safwat's choice to defend Gillian Gibbons but Nabil couldn't hack it and went into immediate hiding purporting to be in Norway Nairobi and Cairo all within that week. Lucky escape for Gillian. I wouldn't want this lawyer on my side.

  3. Makoi has to call them and make a new amendment and especially if he is resigning himself This letter even if signed is not correct. Just so you know we do learn proper law here
    A Law Student
    Cairo University

  4. It would probably be advisable for Makoi to resign as he has been out of the loop as far as Unity is concerned for many years now, but there is no indication that he has any wish to do so at present.

  5. Nabil Adib is clearly in at the deep end of all this criminality. Although he suggests from time to time that a legal document is needed to confirm the Gang of Five's supposed appointment as Trustees, he still countersigns and confirms the authenticity of Safwat Fanou's forgery in Arabic of the 7th June 1995 letter. He is an accomplice in this crime.


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