Friday, June 24, 2011

The Episcopal Church of Sudan Girls' School in Omdurman, Founded in 1912 - 18th May 2011

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The Episcopal Church's Girls School shown here, is, like it's nearby primary feeder school and the boys's school (shown here: The Episcopal Church of Sudan Primary School in Omdurman, Founded in 1906 - 18th May 2011 and here: The Episcopal Church of Sudan Boys' School in Omdurman, Founded About 50 Years Ago - 18th May 2011 ), run down and in a state of severe neglect. Founded in 1912 - almost 100 years ago, the Episcopal Church has resolutely refused to spend the money donated to it for the schools in its care on the schools themselves. Indeed it has been the habit of the governing body of the Episcopal Church Schools in Omdurman to inform the staff working in them, that the Church is very poor and that the government routinely steals what little money that they have. This of course is an outrageous lie, designed to maintain the sense of poverty-stricken status quo, whilst the money that is donated for use in the ECS schools by various organisations, is spent elsewhere. The Church Missionary Society Africa is itself now refusing to donate further funds to the schools as previous donations remain unaccounted for. 

The governing body of this ECS school is identical to that of Unity High School - minus the Copts, and thus, given the criminal activities of some of these people in their dealings with Unity (notably the Bishop of Khartoum), questions need to be asked over the finances of the ECS schools in Omdurman and a clear accounting given of where all the money has gone that has been donated to it. Winifred Hill, a former Trustee of Unity High School was also the Principal of this school - once more showing the clear historical links between Unity and the early work of the CMS in providing schools in Sudan.


  1. Dear Bishop Kondo
    Annually (well that is not strictly true - every couple of months rather) you come into Unity and collect a "donation" for various needs in your diocese - important "church" things like your daughter's wedding, your holidays etc yet this is the state of the episcopal school?
    Can you explain how when you collect so much money on a regular basis from Unity none of that money appears to have helped the episcopal school? Surely it is the interest of your church for your flock to be educated? Or is it better to preach to the uneducated masses as they tend to ask less questions about where money is going?
    So "Bishop" Kondo can you please explain the state of this school? I think this page would do well to be circulated around the Anglican and wider Episcopal church in the UK to let them see when congregations are handing over their hard earned cash to: where their money is going. Maybe you could post some photographs of your daughter's wedding, your summer holiday trips, your car repairs etc just to let people see their money is being well spent?
    Your sincerely
    Anti Theft
    PS..Have you heard of the 10 Commandments? -I am sure there is one in there that says something about "thou shalt not steal" - maybe they missed that out in the edition you are reading.

  2. Many of the students at this school do not pay fees. This is because they are clergy. As a consequence of this there is not enough money to pay staff. Do the staff want to volunteer to teach the clergys kids? f so why is the Bishop requesting money to pay this staff? Unity is effectively educating the clergys kids down there IF our donation really did go to the ECS school.


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