Wednesday, June 15, 2011

An Email to the Former Trustee, IR Williams From Dr. Marina Hitchen - 8th May 2011

marina hitchen
08 May 2011 16:08:41
IR Williams
Steve Gooch 

Dear Sir

As Principal of Unity High School I decided to research the history of the school and one of my staff (Steve Gooch) would archive it and place it on the INTERNET. To be honest I did not always like what I found and it seems there have been some serious injustices and other things which were not at all in the spirit of Bishop Gwynne's intentions.

We are leaving this year but would have liked to restore the school to its former state with Trustees and Council with separation of powers. It may not be possible now because so much time has passed. I know from some of your letters that are still with us you had concerns that the Trustees and Council were merging. well now the Trustees cease to exist altogether.

The Bishop of Khartoum has shown some interest in restoring the old order but I am not entirely sure that he can or will. Do you have your own signed Trustee document? Are there any copies of such things in Durham? Is it worth my going to Durham to discover the missing pieces? Can we restore the good name of Pat Clague that way?

I tried Charles Bonsall but I am sure he is hiding a lot of things. iI seems that you could be the last remaining person of integrity from that period. Steve would very much like to meet with you in the summer and perhaps you could tell him some of the missing bits. We would honour your confidentiality should you so wish.

It seems so sad that the great Bishop Gwynne should have this blot on his school. Please help us to restore the true order or the school could go to the parents, the Ministry or remain as is with the injustices covered over.

Thank you so much,


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