Tuesday, June 7, 2011

An E-Mail to Robert Boulos Over Underpayment of Staff Involved in the Summer School - 6th June 2011

From: marina hitchen
Sent: 06 June 2011 10:05:32
To: robetr boulos
Cc: Bertram Taylor

Dear Robbie
What are you doing? You make an agreement in your own Management Meeting and carry out this agreement for four years. As soon as you have an opportunity you completly renege on this agreement after the people have actually done the work.The people working in that Summer School have given their time for a number of years and worked very hard for the school. This is how they deserved to be treated?
Yet when it comes to other staff whom you feel may be able to have some direct bearing on your own job it is a completely different story.

Victor still working with all the benefits to come. A known thief.
Someone else being paid a salary over the summer to do your accountants job because he simply will not do it. He is going to leave with full benfits isn't he?
Your Christian Religion teacher leaving with seven months pay and all his benefits. A man who was rarely in school, caused countless problems and who did not teach the kids.
The Bishop's daughter getting a loan through the back door when others in much more need were refused.
How does this all look to you?
You do not know where you are. Sometimes you believe yourself the King of your own Universe and yet you are fighting like a cat in a corner to preserve your patch.

Pat Clague told your counterparts in 1980 that they would be answerable before God. I say before that you must be answerable to yourself. You want to delude yourself that the school is foremost in your mind when you know in your heart that you yourself are foremost in your mind. The school does not need you. The school needs to have competent honest leadership. Step down Robbie and give your new Princiapal and the Management team a chance.

Have you read this?

Tribalism, nepotism and corruption
Corruption and nepotism give birth to tribalism. Corruption is more than bribery or embezzlement of funds; it includes abuse of power or authority for private gain. The appointment of people to positions based on family or clan or other ties is also corruption; appointments to all positions should be based on merit. Similarly, the misuse or theft of public or church money is also corruption. Fraud, that is the illegal acquisition of money, goods or services, is also considered as corruption. We call on Sudanese people to reject tribalism, nepotism and corruption. The governments should put in place policies and laws that discourage any of these. We demand that the Board of Selection and Appointment charged with the recruitment of all the government positions in South Sudan, base their appointments on merit and work ethic.
Statement from the ECS House of Bishops

I demand that the Church uphold their own beliefs and I call upon the Government of Northern Sudan and the people of Northern Sudan to enforce the Church's own doctrine.

Read it again Robbie and see how many ways you and the ECS are in contradiction of this statement, Twenty times or more than that?

I need not write to you again; I have my life and your school is now part of my history as I am part of its. I hate to seee someone who I once looked upon as a friend do this to himself and also to destroy something we care about; Unity High School.

Do not delude yoursef that it is the expat teachers destroying what you see as your school. They are the reporters only. Without the news there can be no reporters. You are providing the news so you are the cause of the destruction.This is what you have to live with for all your life. We have all moved on now; sadder yes but in the knowledge we did the right thing. Possibly you will survive all of this because corruption is a way of life in Sudan and it seems as though people are either too scared or too complacent to put a stop to it. If you do then I call upon you to redress some of these wrongs. Pay what you owe people and start anew. Refrain from calling anyone who asks for what is legally theirs a blackmailer. Treat people with the respect we all gave to you.

It was hard for me to lose a friend but much harder when I came to the realisation that you were never my friend. It is so unlike me to make such misjudgements but I have accepted now that I made this error. I learnt a lot; did you?


The management meeting that Dr. Marina refers to in this email can be seen here: Minutes of the School Management Meeting - 10th March 2007.

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  1. Marina
    Robbie has one friend in this life and that is MONEY and how much of it he can get - legally or otherwise. Many people thought he was just a nice sort of guy, a bit like an uncle or a grandad but actually he was a manipulative, lying, thieving, corrupt cheat.
    He can not blame expat staff for his woes - expat staff, like Sudanese staff worked hard and then at the end he tried to cheat people out of money they were entitled to - money they had worked for, money that contracts had been signed to say they were entitled to.
    Robbie knows he is a thief, he will try and dress his crimes up as something else, claim it was his money, claim he was justified to take it but somewhere in his corrupt and lying heart he knows he is no more than a common thief in a market. Even worse though a thief who steals from children.
    Robbie I used to really like you and thought you were genuine but after all this I can see what an absolutely disgusting person you are.
    I will be adding this onto my Facebook which has loads of student and ex-students on it.


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