Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Letter From Trustee IR Williams to Trustee CHB Bonsall - 6th December 1981

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Here we can see that at least during the early 1980's there was still some form of respect for the Board of Trustees and their role in the affairs of the school. Williams' assertions are all correct and the implication is that Charles Bonsall was for some reason, not in accord with the basic tenets of the Trust Deed.

Williams clearly saw that the reason that Bishop Gwynne had set up the management structure in the way that he had, was to safeguard the school. In allowing the same people to be both School Council members (and also possibly Executive & Finance Committee members) and Trustees, the impartiality and the check and balance system that had operated under Gwynne's structure was destroyed. This set in motion the financial free-for-all that has continued right up until the present day, with no one to maintain the educational integrity and stability of the school.

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