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The Episcopal Church of Sudan Primary School in Omdurman, Founded in 1906 - 18th May 2011

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The pictures above show what is left of the Episcopal Church of Sudan primary school in Omdurman that was opened in 1906 and built by the Church Missionary Society. It is highly likely that this school still belongs to the CMS as it does not feature in the ECS list of schools for which they request donations. The work of Bishop Gwynne during this period at the beginning of the 20th Century was very much interlinked with the work of the ECS/CMS in providing schools. The CMS eventually decided to open a school to accomodate their growing number of students on the site that is now occupied by Unity High School, but needed Gwynne to provide the funding once more. As can be seen, the Primary school is now utterly run-down and has clearly been neglected (though the photographs make it look better than it actually is). Very little money, if any has been spent on it for a considerable period of time. This despite the large sums of money having been donated to the church for use on its' schools by many organisations, many of whom are refusing to give further donations (such as the CMS Africa) as previous donations are not being accounted for. It is interesting to note that Winifred Hill, one of the former Trustees of Unity High School was also the Principal of this CMS school - once more showing the clear historical links between Unity and the early work of the CMS in providing schools in Sudan. Indeed the present governing body of this school is the same as at Unity, minus the Coptic community representative.

It can be seen that the school started life as a beautiful example of educational architecture. A solid and well designed main building with classrooms extending out on either side to embrace a central courtyard. An ideal community structure for primary students to work and play.  This school is in many ways one of the precursors of Unity High School and the work of Bishop Gwynne and the other founders of education in Sudan.

You can find its sister schools in Omdurman here: The Episcopal Church of Sudan Boys' School in Omdurman, Founded About 50 Years Ago - 18th May 2011 and here: The Episcopal Church of Sudan Girls' School in Omdurman, Founded in 1912 - 18th May 2011.


  1. Some members of ECS broke away because of the corruption. This is an excerpt from one of the websites of those breakaway churches

    "Thus ECS is have a problem which cannot be solved, is passing through maladministration simply because there is no a good and qualified leaders to lead the Church of God in the Sudan. Episcopal Church of the Sudan life is 108 years no progress is made in the term of infrastructure development, Education, Facilities and no any new churches build by ECS church leaders. What is there now as church buildings were built by (CMS), that is Church Missionary Society ever since colonial time and there is no any development took place after CMS"

    Donations pour in not only from Unity to the school in Omdurman.

  2. Dear Bishop Kondo
    Is there any possibility you could enlighten the world as to where the monies donated to the Episcopal Church of Sudan school have gone? Clearly your church has received many donations - and as part of the international Anglican church I doubt you were short of funds; so what has happened to the school?
    Did you by any chance happen to sort of, shall we say, "accidentally" spend all the donations for the school on things like air tickets, anniversaries, holidays and your daughter's wedding?
    Just wondering if you could possibly shed some light on this?
    Looking forward to seeing your response written here Bishop Kondo.
    Yours sincerely
    I. Hate. Theft.
    ps - maybe C.C. this to your good friend and comrade in theft, oops sorry, faith, Robert Bolous.

  3. There is no such thing as the "international Anglican church". The Anglican communion is not a single organisation, with a supreme boss, like the RC Church. Each Church of the Anglican communion is autonomous, with its own canon law, own rules and regulations, and its own financial arrangements. The Church of England is in "communion with" a number of Churches around the world (this means agreement about basic tenets of faith). The Archbishop of Canterbury is the "spiritual head" of the worldwide Anglican communion; but he does not have any formal powers to direct the communion's member Churches.

    Membership of the communion of Anglican churches is a matter for the Synods of the these churches and the CofE's recognition of the same is itself a matter of the CofE Synod and is not in the hands of any one individual.

  4. The pictures belie the true state of the building. Because the building is fundamentally sound due to the original good construction it has weathered time well. The classrooms themselves are a disgrace. Staff remain unpaid although clergy members do not pay fees for their children. Bishop Kondo sends his son to Unity where he also does not pay fees. Lots of the ECS congregation are plasterers and painters etc but seems like they do not want to spend their time on this building.
    This Board is the same one as at Unity meeting in another room without the Copts. They are trying to get donations from Zain and their old mates the Diplomatic School. When we offered support from Unity they were not really that keen because we offered our time not our money.
    No sign of the photocopiers for which you took a donation from The Barnabas Fund. Why did CMS Africa stop their donations to you?
    CMS needs to speak out because they are getting the whole Church a bad name by defending these rogue Clergy members. If The Church intend to continue their support of Kondo and his gang then the Church itself will come under attack and donations to Sudan as a whole will be threatened. Its way too far now to cover up for this gang so speak up please.

  5. Dear Anonymous
    Yes, the Archbishop of Canterbury is the "spiritual head" of the Anglican community so has an interest in knowing what his "flock" are doing around the world and Africa for a long time has been high on the Anglican church's agenda - as on successive British Govt agendas - it is about time people actually opened their eyes to where a lot of money going to Africa is going - because it certainly never went to this church to serve the poor and the children at this school.
    I just believe people who donate to church's to give aid to Africa have a right to know that people like Bishop Kondo use that money to buy cars, go on holidays, air tickets and most recently his daughter's wedding.
    Theft is theft however you try and look at and Bishop Kondo and Robert Bolous have been stealing for far too long now.
    Yours sincerely
    I. Hate. Theft


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