Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Letter From the School Lawyer Nabil Adib to Safwat Fanous About the Board of Trustees - 3rd October 1995

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This letter should be seen alongside the letter from David Treagust of 7th October 1995 in which he requests that 'Andy' track down the Trustee Reuben Makoi and have him sign a dubious document of little legal standing drawn up by the lawyer Nabil Adib. You can find that letter here: A Letter From David Treagust About the Board of Trustees and Rev Reuben Makoi - 7th October 1995.

This letter is Nabil Adib's request that Safwat Fanous - one of the thieves that stole the school through the forging of legal documents in 1995 - arrange for Makoi to sign one of Adib's documents: none of which bear the slightest resemblance to the true form of the document to appoint new Trustees. Adib was very much party to the theft of the school and was attempting to cover the tracks of those who had committed the crime - and thus committing a further crime himself.

It is interesting to note that in 2011 as the exposing of the theft of Unity High School became known, that Nabil Adib was being talked about in some circles of parents as an 'expert in the take-over of schools'. Indeed he is. His expertise was founded on his experience of the theft of Unity High School.

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