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A Request to Pay the Salaries of the CMS School Staff - 28th May 2009

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This letter from Bishop Kondo is a request for funds to pay the salaries of the staff at the CMS school in Omdurman under threat of legal action by the staff. The receipt from Unity is confirmation that this 'donation' was paid.

It should be noted that, according to the Unity High School Trust Deed, donations of any kind to any person or organisation are in direct contravention of the Trust set up to safeguard the finances and assets of the school. As the supposed Chairman of the School Council (albeit illegally self-appointed), Kondo is, or should be very familiar with the illegality of this request. Robert Boulos, the illegally appointed Director of Unity should also be aware of the illegal nature of this request but has nonetheless, paid the requested sum.

This sum of money was never paid to the staff at the CMS school. Indeed in May 2011, it was reported that the staff are denied their salaries for several months in each year - every year: currently a sum of approximately 450SDG per month. As an explanation for this non-payment of salaries, the staff were informed that the Church has very little money due to it being routinely stolen by the government. This is clearly a blatant lie. The Church has more than sufficient funds to cover the salaries of a few staff and ancillary workers at a small school in Omdurman - more than sufficient funds are illegally taken from Unity High School each year to pay the CMS school staff several times over. So where is this money going? Where is the 40,000SDG that the Bishop - well known for his theft of Unity High School in 1995, requested in 2009? The Bishop requested the money on behalf of the Episcopal Church of Sudan, in his role as Bishop and received the funds in this capacity himself. The Bishop is then personally liable for this money, on behalf of the ECS. At no time did the staff at the CMS school threaten legal action over the non-payment of their salaries as is suggested in this letter.

At Unity High School, anger ran high over the revelation of the existence of this document, especially in view of the fact that Robert Boulos, at the start of May 2001, denied the ex-pat teachers their salaries altogether (though he later capitulated and paid what was owed) and as at the date of this Archive post, is, along with Bishop Kondo, refusing to pay the ex-pat staff their legal entitlement to social insurance. These social insurance payments have been denied to the ex-pat staff for a number of years. 

The Bishop in his self-declared role as Chairman of Unity High School Council is now facing legal action over the non-payment of social insurance to members of the school teaching staff. His answer to a phone call from the lawyer today was "go and see Robbie about it!" Yet clearly, he is ultimately responsible for the releasing of the funds to make the payment to the staff. Non-payment of monies owed to staff will of course mean a public court case with the consequence that the ECS will be dragged directly into the centre of the corruption scandal that is rife at the school. Of course the social insurance office will also increase their scrutiny of the school and it's activities further.


  1. Bishop Kondo is a THIEF and the Archbishop of Canterbury as nominal head of the international Anglican communion MUST be made aware of this.
    Robert Boulous is also nothing but a thief - but all thieves face justice eventually, inshallah, it will not be long until this pair are dealt with in an appropriate manner.
    Meantime there are many of us who await our social insurance money that this pair have stolen over the years.
    I hope all previous staff of Unity High School are made aware of this and come back to Sudan to claim their monies due - which Robbie and others have been stealing from them.
    How sad for such a wonderful school with lovely students to have ended up like this.

  2. The Archbishop of Canterbury, the Archbishop of Salsbury and the Bishop of Bradford will be notified later today.

  3. Just to point out: it is the *Bishop* of Salisbury, not *Archbishop*. There are only two metropolitan bishops (Archbishops) in the Church of England: Canterbury and York.

  4. This the most retarded thing ever! i cant believe all our money is being stolen by those two hypocrites. I thought Robert was a gentleman until this whole scandal thing came up! If this is actually true and all our money is being stolen like that, then that means our school could actually by as high as KICS! we could have everything we want, not those gross aircoolers in our classes! This really needs to be dealt with! I feel sorry for our teachers, its like they donated education....??!

  5. Dear S,
    Thank you for your wonderful comment. Things are worse than they seem - much has as yet not been revealed on this Archive and there is more to come. Yes, Unity high School SHOULD be incredibly rich. It is not. However, thanks to the incredible efforts and the sheer professionalism of Dr. Marina, it has more money in the bank that it has possibly ever had - this is believed by many to be the reason that Dr Marina was removed from her post (did you know that she has not received any letter informing her that she is sacked as yet, or giving a reason why she was removed from her post?). When Dr. Marina took over the school in 2006, it was almost bankrupt. Since then she has slowly sealed up all of the financial 'leaks' and stopped much of the theft in the school - but not all of it. Bishop Kondo on behalf of the ECS has been taking substantial 'donations' on a very regular basis for many years and continues to do so.

    Unity High School SHOULD be one of the richest, most well-resourced, successful schools on the African continent, but it is not. Where it is now, as Sudan's premiere school, is entirely down to Dr Marina and the efforts of a very small number of staff. Yes you should have those air coolers and a better IT suite, and better resources across the school. The school should be in a position to supply all of this and more. Thanks to the thefts of some of the School Council members, it is not. It's current financial liabilities are substantial and growing as more of the criminal activities of the School Council and the Director - and others (still working in the school), are uncovered. We are working hard to get the school on a legal and financially stable footing, but this cannot happen until Robbie and the School Council are removed for ever and the money stolen by Kondo and his associates is returned. At least Kondo's thefts were on behalf of the church and so there is a chance - given the wealth of the church, that this money - millions of SDGs over 16 years of theft at least - can be returned.

  6. If you want to know the truth, read all of the evidence in the documents that are posted on this Archive. The thieves created this evidence themselves - and continue to do so. More will be posted as the days go by - and more is being researched in the UK, as the corruption and theft seem to go much further back: into the 1970's and by other people who have as yet not been fully revealed on this Archive. The corruption in various ways seems to involve the theft of KIPS (formerly the Clergy House School) and the looting of the CMS School in Omdurman.

    Yes the teachers feel sorry also. Sorry to see the students of Unity being ripped off and having their school fees stolen. Sorry that as teachers they are receiving some of the worst salaries in the world as far as international schools are concerned. Sorry that so many staff and parents would sooner turn a blind eye to the theft and corruption in the school than get rid of it, because it is easier for them to 'not make a fuss' and continue having their money stolen from them, than make the effort to restore a once great school to it's former glory. As Edmund Burke said: "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing". There are too many people doing nothing in this case.

  7. S - exactly your money, your parents money is being stolen. I also thought Robbie was a gentleman and was shocked when I first began to hear about all of this. However, sadly it is true. He has been stealing a lot over the years.
    I dont know if you are aware of this but when many of us left at the end of term we had not received our full salary for the year - some left and had been paid NOTHING.
    Robbie tried to not pay the full amount I was owed. Given the amount of money he has stolen I found this utterly disgusting.
    After I discovered about all this theft and corruption by Robbie and the Bishop I wanted to leave the school immediately. I did not though and for one reason - my students. I have never taught such wonderful students. I was very sad and upset to leave but could not justify to myself to work in a school where you are all being cheated so much.
    Inshallah, dramatic action will be taken against all these haramis. They are horrible, horrible people.

  8. Quite frankly as a student I am finding this entire situation not only shocking but absolutely disgusting. I agree with S, just think of how much better the school would be if that money was returned! No wonder so many teachers are totally reluctant to work at Unity, if this is what happens to their pay!


  9. do all past staff need to return to Sudan?
    is there a lawyer dealing witha group case?
    shocked. disgusted. extremely disappointed
    many of us gave our all to improve UHS

  10. Tony, I am not sure of the process you would need to go through to claim the money that you are owed. The Bishop is digging his heels in and so far paying nothing of the social insurance entitlements to anyone, in spite of the fact that these teachers have given so much to the school. Frankly he has no choice. The ex-pats at Unity have been underpaid against the norm for international schools for a very long time. Whilst we might be prepared to live with this for the sake of the students, there is a growing sense of indignation over being ripped off on our social insurance entitlements for the benefit not of the kids, but for the people that have been looting the school for many years. Please send an email to the Archive email address and I can fill you in a little more:

  11. R (as well as S) the solution to all of this is for everyone to stick together and DEMAND the removal of the criminals from the life of Unity for ever, and then to DEMAND the return of every last SDG that has been stolen from the school. It is unlikely that ALL of the money can be returned, given that this scandal has gone on for so many years, but at least pressure can be applied to the ECS for the return of all the money that Ezekiel Kondo stole under their name. The Church can afford this - the Anglican church is immensely wealthy. It is up to them then to do with Kondo whatever they decide, but they MUST give back all that he has stolen in their name. Then there are the other thieves to deal with of course, and the lawyers that have through the years participated in their criminal activities....


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