Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Request From Rev. Musa for Financial Support for His Sons' University Fees - 4th August 2009

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It is not legal for the school to make donations of any kind to anyone for any reason as Bishop Kondo as the Chairman of the School Council and Robert Boulos the Director of the school know. Whilst some prospective students are not allowed to attend Unity due to lack of money for fees, the children of others associated with the School Council receive payments for fees owed at other educational establishments from Unity. This request by Reverend Musa was authorised by both Bishop Kondo and Robert Boulos, who also paid the requested sum. This payment was illegal and can be regarded as further theft of the schools money.


  1. Note how Kondo says "for your consideration as usual". This is because these fees were paid every year to Rev Musa.
    I am sure parents are more thn happy to pay clergy's childrens fees at University whilst they are struggling to pay their own childrens fee.

  2. Why did Robbie approve it on 3rd when its not sent till 4th. Is it an error or he approves first lots of blanks and they fill them in later

  3. Robbie is known to often prepare blanks in advance (mostly cheques) but this looks like an error perhaps.


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