Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Principal's Address to a School Council Meeting - 12th March 1980

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  1. Anyone knowing Pat Clague should post a comment here to try to clear her name. She is the BEST Principal Unity ever had and The Council are trying to say she had lost her marbles and was forced to leave. There would be no Unity apert from Pat Clague. the school had no money. She went and found money from everywhere (except from the Church)including the Ministry of Education.
    The Council have consistently done a character assassination on this woman and seems like they are trying the same technique on Dr Marina. No wonder she left the CMS and the Episcopal Church: and her a good church goer when she arrived in Sudan. Seems like the Council says she was "too" Christian and Dr Marina is not Christian enough.
    Anyway you were right to warn them about money Pat because they started the next term with zero cash. You didn't take it Pat we all know that.

  2. It is interesting to note that in an email exchange with Dr. Marina, Rev Charles Bonsall (a former Trustee of Unity High School) stated quite categorically that he has 'lots of evidence', though he does not state quite what it is that he has lots of evidence on. Bonsall's attempts to firstly build Pat Clague up and then to rubbish her, suggests that this evidence relates to Pat Clague and possibly the missing money from that period. The email exchange with Charles Bonsall will be posted here on the Archive in due course.


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