Monday, May 30, 2011

A Letter to Parents About the New Principal & New School Year - 8th May 2011

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This letter, issued with the students' reports at the end of the school year 2011 is indicative of the willingness of Robert Boulos to lie to parents when it served his needs. In the first sentence of the second paragraph, he stated that Dr. Marina's services had come to an end. On all counts: educational, moral, ethical, legal, this was not true. Given that according to Sudanese labour law that an employee is in a position of having a permanent contract unless dismissed for proper reasons once the first two temporary terms of employment are completed, then the School Council should have issued here with a letter terminating her contract and then paid her the six months salary that she was legally entitled too. They have not, as of the date of this post done either. It should be noted that Dr. Marina did not wish to leave her post at this time and was prepared to be the Principal for one more year. Her educational successes with Unity gave no reason for the Council to remove her from her post.

The notice at the end of the letter indicating that recruitment was going well, is a fabrication. Robert Boulos was incapable of recruiting anyone and at the time of this letter, only teachers that Dr Marina had recruited (four of them) were in place for the new school year. By mid-May, Dr. Marina had started to assist with this process once more - in spite of the fact that it was no longer her responsibility, as no one else at the school seemed capable of doing it.

It should be noted that Bishop Kondo had stated earlier when it became apparent that he was in trouble over many issues at the school (theft, forgery, fraud etc), that Robbie should sack the whole staff and spend the summer in the UK recruiting an entire new staff for the following academic year.


  1. Robert Boulos is an absolutely disgusting man. How dare he write "with God's blessings" when he is STEALING from the parents and students. I find this absolutely intolerable and disgusting.
    Robbie, stop bringing God into things when at the same time you think nothing of theft. Were you thinking of God when you tried to cheat me out of £300? Were you thinking of God when you held up payment of salaries to staff? Were you thinking of God when you cheated other teachers out of the money they lost because you sent the money in Euros instead of Sterling? Were you thinking of God when you tried to delay paying the Sudanese staff money they were due on the day they were due it? Were you thinking of God when you lied to international staff about the Social Insurance money they were due? You are a disgusting man and the sooner you are in prison the better for everyone. Leave God out of your lies and theft - remember "thou shalt not steal" - or have you forgotten those words??????????????????..

  2. Originally I was asked to write this letter from Robbie to parents because apparantly parents would have believed me more???? Obviously they believe me more because I don't tell lies like this.
    On a happier note recruitment has picked up well. Thanks go to Stephanie, Matthew and indeed to myself for this. We could have completed recruitment but Robbie will not allow the appointment of anyone who is not pure white skinned. Is this written somewhere in the Bible. Anyway if you are not white please do not waste time applying to Unity because the Director (who believes himself to be a white man)does not like dark skinned people working at Unity. Don't think I read this anywhere in Bihop Gwynne's Trust Document but maybe they added it to thei Constitution now

  3. This will be on my Facebook today - I have loads of students who are on my Facebook.
    I can verify Dr Marina's comment - I have heard this before of Robbie that he does not want "blacks" and "Pakis". Interesting.


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