Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Letter From Bishop Kondo On the Departure of Dr. Marina Hitchen From Her Post as Principal - 26th May 2011

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This letter was forwarded to Dr, Marina by Robert Boulos with the following attached email from himself:

Dear Dr. Marina,
The attached letter was passed to me by the Chairman, Bishop Ezekiel Kondo for onward delivery to you but you had already left.
You are kindly requested to acknowledge and comply with contents.
R. Boulos – Director

What is clearly not appropriate is that Kondo and Boulos are still referring to themselves as the Chairman and Director. They are not. Both were instigators of the theft of the school in 1995 through the forging of a letter to make themselves Trustees. 

Had Boulos or Kondo checked the contents of Dr. Marina's house at the school, they would have found all contents in order, A large box of files containing documents, photographs etc that Robert Boulos had personally supplied to this Archive for publishing here. The documents detailing the criminal activity of Kondo and Boulos along with their associates ( Safwat Fanous, Makram Margos and others) are of course now in the hands of the authorities, who are now implementing various legal challenges and other actions to rid the school of the thieves and fraudsters.

The Principal's Log Books do not belong to the school in any case so do not fall under the jurisdiction of anyone at the school. The Principal's Log Books going back to 1902 have always been the personal property of each successive Principal - handed on from one to the other as Principals come and go. When Barry Birch left the post of Principal, Dr. Marina had to personally visit him to take charge of what was then her property.

It should be noted that Log Book number 4 contains the entries of David Treagust, David Black, William Strath, Barry Birch and Marina Hitchen. David Treagust's entry is clearly not the true and original entry. All of his entries were done in one or two lengthy sittings - perhaps to cover up his involvement in the theft of the school. It is possible that other entries have also been falsified in the same manner. Strath's entries certainly look suspicious when he refers to future events as if they have already happened. The question arises then as to whether the thieves at the school are asking for the return of the Log Books (which do not belong to them in any case) so that Dr. Marina's entries can be removed and falsified.

The after-service entitlements that Kondo refers too, are not conditional on the return of anything. They are simply due to be paid, though it is not clear what these after-service entitlements are. Gratuity? Social Insurance? Holding back on the payment of Social Insurance is without any doubt going to simply result in a legal action being taken against Kondo and his gang, and the Social Insurance office descending on the school like a pack of hungry wolves to investigate the fraud perpetrated against them by Safwat Fanous and Robbie Boulos.


  1. This letter is written with their usual arrogance but there is an underlying sense of desperation now. Grammatical errors have increased and bizarre statements made.
    My services has come to an end on 8th May has they. I was actully forced to work until after SATs. Furthermore school ended on 12th. According to them my contract ends on 31st JUly so I should remain with all the benefits until that dte. According to me I am still employed as I have had no letter to say otherwise.
    My husband is sacked without his knowledge???? Where is his letter???
    Should I leave with the school's assets or should I surrender them as I have surrendered the car? What nonsense is this. The car has only been available for my use and was not in my possession. Unlike the car the Bishop thinks that he owns which is his car for his personal use; used only to come to school when he collects some cash for himself.
    Only when I comply with these instructions will he speak to my lawyer. Why did he not write a similar letter (with better grammar and more comprehensible) weeks ago. Is David not even worth writing to? Such is their absolute arrogance.The Social Insurance is already in the courts along with the unfair dismissal. You are not the kind of people to make deals with. Bishop Kondo promised to pay all staff a few weeks ago but then reneged on his deal. These are not people who keep their word.
    I suggest Bishop you emply some legal counsel yourself ( seen as most of your past lawyers seem to be leaving the country or generally keeping out of your way)before you make any more of these blinding errors.Your stupidity is somewhat a source of amusement to me now and the money for the other staff is more important than my own. Should they wait until I comply with your orders before you address their entitlements? The last sentence of your letter makes no sense; what are thse 3 people appointed to do? Check to see if I have surrendered or talk to the lawyer? Bishop Kondo already spoke to the lawyer when she gave him an opportunity to get out of this mess but he decided to blame all on Robbie so now the school is in the courts. No honour among theives is there.

  2. I see that the school was happy for me to keep working way beyond 8th May. What are they waiting for from me so that I can have my entitlements.These people hve no intention of paying anyone unless forced to do so. I worked beyond the last day, made no comment regarding how they behaved to my wife and other staff and they are not offering to pay me either without a court order.

  3. David these people have no manners, no breeding and no honour. They pay only when they are forced to. They do not have any respect for anyone and you are no diffrent to he rest.Do not get upset bcause you will have your money through the courts.

  4. Does the Archbishop of Canterbury know yet about Kondo's lies and theft??
    It is about time he was involved in this.

  5. The Archbishop of Canterbury has been informed and directly following the post relating to the theft of the money that was donated for the CMS school staff, the viewing figures sky-rocketed from the UK and also Kenya where the ECS has a base. It is time to uncover the rest of the theft of the royal donation back in the 1970's which was the spark that lead Safwat Fanous to formulate his plans to steal Unity.


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