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An Email Exchange Between the Principal Dr Marina Hitchen and the Chairman of the PTA Waddah Mohamed - 1st May 2011

The Following email exchange occurred as a consequence of rumours being spread amongst parents that there were (and still are as of the date of this post) problems at the school. It should be noted that Waddah did not consult with the parents or the PTA at all but was pushing forward only his own agenda and opinions. He had no knowledge of the true situation and was clearly trying to tar the teachers as trouble makers when in fact they were trying to save the school from the criminal activities of some of the so-called School Council members, whom Waddah was supporting.

As a consequence of Waddah's unilateral activities in failing to refer to the parents (to whom the role of Chairman of the PTA is always subservient) or indeed the other PTA executive committee members, he managed to ensure an offer of a place on the School Council from Bishop Kondo. As a measure of the seriousness of the situation that Bishop Kondo found himself and the School Council in, it should be noted that this was the first time that a Muslim had been offered a place on the Council in the entire history of the school, and without any form of opposition. It would of course be normal in many ways for a Christian founded school to have a governing body made up only of Christians throughout its history, but to change a historical tradition so rapidly and without consultation is extraordinary. Muslims should of course be represented on the School Council, as the majority of the students are in fact Muslim, but not as a consequence of supporting the Council in their illegality (and this a consequence of Waddah failing to avail himself of the truth or by reference to anyone else).

From: Waddah Abdel-Hai
Date: Sunday, May 1, 2011, 3:59 PM

Dr. Marina,

Hope you had a good trip to Egypt.

Thank you for forwarding the message you received from one of the parents. Of course, most parents have similar queries and are looking for clarification on the situation, specially with a lot of rumours spreading around.

I would suggest that the school administration should issue a circular to the parents informing them that Dr. Marina will unfortunately be leaving us soon, and that a professional academic replacement will be in place from..."The date!" and assures the parents and students that the school schedule and stability will not be affected. This should re-assure everybody that the administration and the council are doing their tasks in maintaining the same school level.

Dr. Marina, thank you again for your support, and I am sure you will always be available should any parent need any assistance.



From: Marina Hitchen
Date: Sunday, May 1, 2011, 4:22 PM

Hello Waddah,

I suggest you ask them (by that I mean the Council not the Management team) to do this because I do not think that " a professional academic replacement will be in place from"..."August 1st" and  I cannot assure the parents and students that the school schedule and stability will not be affected. They are already talking about the possibility of starting late. Stephanie has already sent a letter stating that she feels the replacement is not the right candidate. Robbie and I both stated this in a Council meeting. I am happy to leave and although I have no wish to affect the stability of the school I am not about to add my name to a list of assurances that I do not believe are there.

Far be it from me to suggest to the PTA what they should be doing but I would have thought that the main aim was to get the right person in to do the job and not try to do some form of cover up. I am offering my opinion to no one (apart from you as Chairman of the PTA) regarding the new Principal and I have to say that she has some excellent qualities but her experience is not enough in mine, Stephanie's, Matthews and Robbie's opinion. The stability of the school would not have been affected had the Council gone about this in a proper manner and admitted they did not have a suitable candidate. I think the expats just want to leave because they have tried to expose what is actually happening (against my advice) and they have now got into a situation whereby they are now seen as the problem when they are actually quite correct in what they are saying. "Don't shoot the messenger but address the problem" should be the role of the PTA.

I know you are trying to retrieve what is not a good situation but is this the way?

I am keeping silent because quite honestly it is not my country and there are millions of jobs out there should I need one. This is your battle and I think you should be representing the parents and what they want and not asking for false assurances.

Sorry if I sound like a prophet of doom because I actually am sure Unity will come through this. Let's give this new Principal a chance but I am personally not optimistic.



From: Waddah Abdel-Hai
Date: Sunday, May 1, 2011, 5:02 PM

Hi Marina,

Thanks for the info....I appreciate it..

I am NOT asking for false assurances..!!!! I met with Robert and the Bishop and they "assured" us that everything regarding the recruitment is going well..!! So they should confirm that to the General Assembly.

As for the staff who were trying to "reveal" the problem I think you agree with a lot of parents THAT was not the right way...You can not "terrify" the kids, and families....

Anyway, I agree that the situation is not at its best, but we have to do everything we can to reform it and avoid any "damages" to the school's standard and reputation.



From Marina Hitchen


Robbie is trying to protect the school, as we all are, but he does not agree that we have the right person coming in no matter what he might say to you.

Recruitment is not going well. 22 staff are leaving and so far we have replaced 4 (hopefully)

I  do not think expat staff wanted to terrify anyone. Hiding the truth is not going to solve anything and it seems that was the agenda of the Council. I am sad to see all these staff leave because no one knew what was going on so didn't help.

Good Luck and wish me luck with my hotel.



  1. Waddah - you are living in a fantasy world. Wake up please and use your brain.

  2. Yes but this is the man who says he is happy to donate to the school but not happy to pay staff their entitlements.This is the man who thinks its OK to forge powers of attorney to cleect Staff social insurance and then donate it back to the school. This is the man who says that these Social Insurance cheques will be written back to the school. Actually they are written to Izzat, Robbie's accountant. I do not see this money appearing as donations from ex staff even if they wnted to donate it. Is Waddah planning on donating all his after service entitlements to Unity High School (or to Izzat) when he retires. One would assume so and indeed we must insist.

  3. There are forged powers of attorney ready to be posted on this Archive at the appropriate time.


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