Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Draft Revision Copy of the School Constitution & Statutes - 22nd March 1997

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Here we see quite clearly the way in which the School Council (some members of which had two years previously stolen the school and all of its assets) started their major structural reform of the school to take full control and erase all traces of the Trustees. Although many traces of the Trustees remain in the 1997 version, there are significant elements of their authority that have been removed. The left hand version of the Constitution is in fact from 1973 (which can be seen here: The School Constitution & Statutes - Revised 1973) - the last legal version of the Constitution and Statutes - and not the original version as stated on the page. The original Constitution and Statutes is from 1945 and appended to the Trust Deed. All amendments shown in the 1997 version on the right are in all ways illegal as those making the changes did not have the authority to make them.

The eradication of the Trustees carried on from this point, so that by 2011 almost no one in the school - other than this Archive and Dr. Marina were aware of their existence. The Trustees had almost been completely 'disappeared' in true Orwellian fashion until Robert Boulos handed over many incriminating documents to the Archive for posting into the public domain.

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  1. Does this mean David Black was the Principal when this was done. I know he left immediately but should he not have done more to stop this.


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