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Bishop Kondo, Bishop of Khartoum & Theft, Fraud, Forgery and Corruption at Unity High School - 25th May 2011

The Following email was forwarded to the Archive earlier today and is in response to the post on this Archive over the request for money to pay salaries to the CMS school staff in Omdurman. You can find that post here: A Request to Pay the Salaries of the CMS School Staff - 28th May 2009. This email was sent to the Archbishops of Canterbury and York as well as to the offices of the Church of England and the Bishops of Bradford and Salsbury.

The forwarded email that is referred too in this email is a brief alert to Bishop Kondo and Robert Boulos, amongst others informing them of the post noted above over the salaries for the CMS school staff.

Dear Bishops and Archbishops,

Apologies if my form of address is incorrect, but I wanted to forward the email below to you as I feel that you may wish to know about the theft and corruption that is currently emerging within the Episcopal Church of Sudan and more specifically as it relates to Bishop Kondo, the Bishop of Khartoum.

In brief:

The Bishop along with accomplices, passed off forged legal documents in 1995, effectively stealing the Unity High School and all of it's assets.You may recall that Unity High School was at the centre of the international news story wherein a British teacher was arrested over the naming of a teddy bear.

He has denied staff their legal entitlement to social insurance payments which is now resulting in legal action against the Bishop and the School Council. Under his Chairmanship of the School Council, social insurance payments have been stolen through the use of forged powers of attorney.

He has taken illegal donations from Unity High School for the purposes of paying the staff salaries at the CMS school in Omdurman, but has never handed over the so-called salary donation to the staff - who it seems are routinely denied much of their annual salary, being told that the church cannot afford to pay them as the money is stolen by the government. This is untrue.

Bishop Kondo has been in breach of his legal responsibilities as Chairman of the Unity High School Council for a number of years, and also in breach of Sudanese national law.

Whilst the activities of Kondo are being pursued by all legal means within the country, it was felt that you should be alerted to this scandal in the church, as the ECS are now deeply embedded in this series of crimes. All donations asked for by Kondo were done in his role as Bishop and using ECS letterheaded paper. Therefore the ECS are now responsible for the actions of this Bishop and thus liable for the return of all funds stolen from Unity High School since 1995 at the very least - possibly further back than that. This would now run into millions of pounds sterling.

This scandal is going to be exposed, little by little in the school Archive and the international media have been alerted.

Please help us save this school from the disaster that is Bishop Kondo and his constant theft of school monies with his accomplices. You can find relevant documents as they appear by following the link given in the forwarded email below.


  1. If there is no response I feel it is getting to close to the point where the international media should be picking up this story.
    Whilst that may seem rather dramatic the level of theft, fraud and corruption by so-called Christians in Sudan needs to be exposed.
    Unity is a school with an excellent reputation, excellent students and dedicated teachers but all are being cheated.
    The world should know what so-called Christians are doing to this school - Sudan is at a critical juncture in its own history now therefore surely all corruption must be weeded out.
    Bishop Kondo is a disgrace to the Anglican Church and the Archbishop of Canterbury MUST act now.
    "Thou Shalt Not Steal" - Bishop Kondo - if you are reading this then think that over please.

  2. This is such a huge scandal that I am shocked that Sudan in its entirety is not gossiping about it! Apparently people are not aware that the blog is back up.

    I thought that the Archive might like to know that a lot of people thought that the Archive was shut down by the government. Parents that I know are very concerned that the school might be seized by the government in the middle of all this mess and collapse completely. Just my two cents...

    On another note, what exactly will happen when this gets into the international and national media? The school is already cited far and wide as an example of "Islamic extremism" in the light of the teddy bear incident. I'm Muslim, but surely a scandal such as this one will not be good for Christians in Sudan (in that hostility may rise towards them)? On the other side, isn't there a possibility that the first thing that people will think when hearing about this is "Oh, it's those islamists attacking churches again?"

    Of course I am very eager for this entire issue to be rooted out but I'd like to hear others' thoughts on this particular point.


  3. As far as is known, Khartoum at least is talking about this scandal - if not further afield. That will almost certainly come if the thieves at the heart of this - and we have more evidence to post here yet - do not pay up, clear out, and give the school back that they stole.

    No it was not the government that closed this Archive. It was at the request of Robbie who was extremely concerned that the parents and students and everyone else would start to see how he and the others had stolen the school. The government of Sudan, as far as we know, is entirely supportive of the agenda of this Archive and indeed the effort to rid the school of all corruption through the removal of these thieves is being supported at the highest levels and throughout government. This has gone higher than you can possibly imagine.

    Do not worry about the international media. Firstly, apart from what they can see on this blog, they are currently being told nothing, though newspapers in the UK have been after the story: The News of the World being the prime example. Do not worry either about the way that the story might be presented - if it ever appears. Those behind this Archive, and those behind the attempts to clear the school of the criminals, are very prepared - as people from a Christian country (the UK) to stand shoulder to shoulder with our Muslim brothers and sisters against the theft and corruption at the school. We are not prepared to allow this to be mis-labelled as an attempt by Muslims to attack Christians. What we will do our very best to do is portray this as it truly is: people of conscience (whatever their religion) in defiance of thieves and fraudsters (whatever their religion).

    The seizing of the school by the government was at one point a real concern, and although we cannot say with certainty that this will not happen, it does appear that the government across various ministries and including President Bashir's anti-corruption commission are solidly and resolutely behind this anti-corruption initiative in the school. It would after all be very easy for the government to close down this Archive and shut off the supply of information to the outside world on this story but they clearly have not done so.

    Please tell everyone that you know that the Archive is back and was never taken down by the government - it was at Robbie's instructions to hide his various illegal and immoral activities (see the 'Staff Recruitment' tag for more on this).

  4. It is important for everyone to marginalise as much as possible the religious identities of the various participants in all of this. In the case of Bishop Kondo, this is difficult to do as his role within the clergy is deeply implicated in this, but this is essentially not about religions, it is about people with no conscience stealing from the innocent (your children).

  5. The Christian community should be the ones fighting the most. The school is in danger because of your people. Is Bishop Kondo a Christian. I think he is a Bishop but as far as I can see actually being a Christian seems to be an optional extra required by the church and Bishop Kondo just doesn't fit the criteria of being a Christian


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