Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ben Jefferies Arrives Back in London After Leaving Unity High School - May 2010

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  1. mannn, i miss mr.ben he was the coolest teacher EVER.!
    6X 08-09

  2. Unity would not have a Primary School but for Ben. Yes he can be difficult biut when you have supermarket shelf stackers and library assistants as your staff I think you need to be. I kid you not these were the Primary staff when we arrived with Ben and Wndy the only qualified staff in the building. Anyway Robbie they were all white skinned people so that fit your criteria

  3. Grrrrr! Seems I failed to teach one of my charges the proper use of capital letters and other punctuation ;)

    Thank you, O anonymous of 6X and Dr. Marina.

    Cheers, Steve!

  4. Mr ben,,,, where is faris ?
    6X of 2006


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