Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Set of Notes Prepared to Present to Key Parents of Unity Students Over the Theft, Fraud, Forgery & Corruption in the School - 24th April 2011

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These notes were presented to some of the parents of Unity's students on the evening of the 24th April 2011 to try to gain parental support and involvement in securing the future of Unity and to put an end to the corruption and fraud that had been instigated by it's own governing body. 


  1. The situation is frightening for the students, and if the school is taken over then that is IT, no more Unity and we certainly will not be able to take our exams!

    A similar situation happened before with a school called KIHS (Khartoum International High School). I am not sure if anyone is even aware that this was a school in the past. It is now the overgrown site next door to KAS, and you can see the similarity in the buildings of the two sites. Basically a group of parents (my relatives among them) founded this school so as to have a decent school to send their children to. After the school prospered and many people began coming, the government took over the school and it is in the sorry state that you see now.

    I really hope that this is not what is to become of Unity!


  2. So what are you doing to stop this? You want to allow the School Council to destroy the school?? Is it the Sudanese way to do nothing? no surprise then that corruption continues in this school and clearly in others too. Are you saying you have more faith in Robbie and gang than the Ministry? If this is so shouldn't you be doing something about corruption in your country as well as in Unity? Personally I think the Ministry care more about Unity than you give them credit for. Don't forget the church have destroyed CMS school and Clergy House already.

  3. Oh by the way the Church even managed to lose their own cathedral to the government. Please compare this cathedral with the church still owned by the church in Omdurman.
    We cannot make comments about other schools unless we have all the details. There is always a reason when the Government do takeovers. Do not assume it is for personal gain. Well not unless you have some evidence.


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