Saturday, May 21, 2011

Revision of Constitution Progress Log - July 1989

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During the School Council meeting of 17th December 1988, the issue of the ownership of Unity High School and it's land was raised. This Progress Log seems to have been produced in response to that meeting and makes clear that during this period in the late 80's, the school did not have in its possession, a copy of the Trust Deed that established ownership of the school and land with the Board of Trustees.  At this time there seems to have been a concerted effort made to establish that the school and land belonged to the Episcopal Church, however this was proven conclusively not to be the case and is detailed in the document here. It is uncertain as to how and where a copy of the school's 1945 Trust Deed was finally obtained or why there was no copy of this held within the school. This document can be found here: Trust Deed.

It is also clear from this document that there was considerable concern over the finances of the school and the lack of auditing procedures up until that point.


  1. Interesting comment about the audit. The audit of 1978-1980 was audited by an expat because of the secretiveness??? Isn't an audit supposed to uncover things not cover tham up.

  2. The accounts for this period were in fact lost it seems and what appear to be large sums of money disappeared. The school treasurer at the time seems to have been implicated in this disappearance but this is unlikely to be the whole story. The Trustees were the financial guardians of the school and CHB Bonsall - one of the Trustees at this time, who has referred to this large sum of money elsewhere, would have at this time been responsible for the finances of the school. Certainly from the limited evidence of this period in the history of the school, there does seem to have been some rather underhand and shady goings on around the schools finances. Interestingly, when Pat Clague left her post as Principal in 1980, the school itself does not appear to have had large sums of money, yet there have been various documented implications that somewhere in the background of the school finances, there was a large sum. Was this sum of money linked in some way to Clergy House School (now KIPS) and thus by association with Unity?


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