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Minutes of the School Council Meeting - 28th October 1997

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In the 'Matters Arising' (from the School Council meeting of the 1st April 1997) section of these Minutes, the issue of the ownership of the school is raised. The Minutes from the 1st April meeting are missing. The Bishop brought a letter with him to this meeting from the Archbishop of Sudan following his meeting with the Archbishop to discuss the ownership of the school. That letter can be found here: Letter from the Archbishop of Sudan. The letter stated that the true Trustees of the school were: Rt. Rev. Bulus Idris Tia (Bishop of Khartoum Diocese), Rev. Ezikiel Kondo (Provost), Rev. Canon Khamis Ruba (Diocesan Treasurer - Khartoum), Rev. Peter Amidi (Treasurer Unity High School) Rev. Ismaiel Budur Kuku ( Headmaster Omdurman Girl's School). These five plus the Archbishop and Rev. Reuben Makoi (already a Trustee) would bring the Board of Trustees up to the legal limit of seven members. There is clearly a discrepancy here between the list of true Trustees as set out by the Archbishop (who is automatically a Trustee of the school as set out in the 1945 Trust Deed) and the list of supposed Trustees as set out in the letter of 7th June 1995, claimed to have been written by Rev. Reuben Makoi in London.

It would appear that having tried to ascertain the Archbishop's viewpoint on the supposed appointment of those listed as new Trustees in the 7th June 1995 letter (and presumably to seek his approval for same) and discovering that he wishes it known that there are others who should be Trustees, the School Council then questions the legality of the letter by the Archbishop and his right to assume ownership of the school (having requested the letter themselves via the Bishop and thus implying recognition of the Archbishop's authority in this matter as a Trustee and thus representative of the Board that does in fact own the school).

It is worth pointing out that the two lists are not entirely dissimilar. The Archbishop in fact concurs with the 7th June 1995 letter in as much as he also wishes to see the Rt. Rev. Bulus Idris Tia and the Rev. Ezikiel Kondo appointed as Trustees, but does not want Robert Boulos, Safwat Fanous and  Makram Magros on the Board of Trustees. The issue then must revolve around the appointment of these three. Why was there such a concerted effort on behalf of the School Council to ensure the ratification of these three as Trustees along with Bulus Idris and Ezekiel Kondo? 

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