Friday, May 20, 2011

Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Trustees - 17th September 1973

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The meeting of the Trustees held on 17th September 1973 discussed the newly re-written School Constitution ( "The School Constitution & Statutes - Revised 1973") which was the last School Constitution to be approved by the Trustees. In the Trust Deed of 1945 it clearly states "...said Constitution may be modified or amended at any time by resolution passed by the majority of the Trustees...", in other words, only the Board of Trustees have the authority to re-write or amend the School Constitution.

It is also worth noting that the Minutes record at point 9(c) that the Constitution has been amended by the Trustees to allow within the School Council "Five members appointed by the Chairman of the Council in consultation with the Vice-Chairman and Principal."


  1. W Hill sent a letter in Oct 1990 to say she was NEVER a Trustee. Christine Perkins asked her to resign anyway which she did in November 1990 saying she must have forgotten she was a Trustee???She was the Head of Omduman CMS school in 1973 but was she a Trustee?? The minutes say so. I doubt it personally. Is she isn't one are we sure about Reuben Makoi?
    In minutes of an Exec and Finance Committee where they are sugessting Barff WHill is missed off there as well.The 1955 Trustees are real. Unless we find the remaining supplements I think all others are suspect.

  2. Winifred Hill does appear in a couple of documents around this period and certainly seems to have been present at the meeting of 17th September 1973. Given that Bishop Allison was also present at that meeting along with Reuben Makoi, it is unlikely that there would have been confusion over this. Bishop Allison, although more concerned with his missionary work in Sudan than he appears to have been with the school, would have been a safety check on the conduct and attendance at meetings of the Trustees. It is unlikely that the minutes of the Trustee meeting are erroneous.


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