Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Minutes of the Executive & Finance Committee - 11th November 1980

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This document establishes the identity of the Board of Trustees of Unity High School in 1980. The Trustees at this time were: Rt. Rev. Butrus T. Shukai, Rev. C.H.B. Bonsall, Rev. Reuben Makoi and Mr I.R. Williams. It was reported in this meeting that the Chairman of the Trustees had agreed to the appointment of Rev. J.R. Barff as a new Trustee.

It is interesting to note that C.H.B. Bonsall (one of the listed Trustees) is also at this point in time, the Chairman of the Executive and Finance Committee and that Rev J.R. Barff is a member of this same body.

In 2011 it was discovered that C.H.B. Bonsall was still alive and living in the UK (now no longer a Trustee of the school). The Principal; Dr. Marina Hitchen wrote to him to gather reflections and memories of his involvement with Unity High School and the Board of Trustees for this Archive. Rev. Bonsall replied on the 16th April 2011. You can find the ensuing email exchange between Dr. Marina and Rev Bonsall here: An Email Exchange Between the Principal Dr Marina Hitchen and the Ex-Trustee Rev Charles Bonsall - March to May 2011.

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