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A Letter from Robert Boulos to the Chairman and Members of the School Council - 3rd January 1991

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Robbie's letter to the School Council  indicates that in 1991, the problem of the Board of Trustees was still a live issue. It is clear that there was a desire to replace the Board pending what appears to be a suggestion put to the remaining Trustees that they resign their posts. A lack of engagement in the school affairs by the existing Trustees would obviously be of great concern, however what is also of concern is the declaration of intent that  a new Board of Trustees should be appointed - presumably by the School Council. It is entirely against the Constitution of the school and the basis upon which the school was founded for the School Council to assume the authority to replace the entire governing body of the school. There is no mention in the letter of the Archbishop of Sudan or Egypt as being existing and permanent members of the Board of Trustees.

Changes to the school Constitution are also suggested in the letter. The School Council does not have the authority to change the Constitution in any way, but must refer to the Board of Trustees for such matters.


  1. So Robbie Colin and the lawyer are starting to write a new Constitution whilst Christine Perkins watches on? On what authority? Can you ask a trustee to resign? If they leave Sudan they are out anyway but I suppose the resignation would be useful. Are they planning to ask Reuben and the Archbishops to resign also? Do they have the appointment letters of the Trustees or are they going off the last minutes because Miss Hill says she was never a Trustee in the first place. Reuben has never resigned. How did they get into this state in the first place? Christine Perkins was around in 1985 or so and she knew who the Trustees were I think. Seems like they were not interested in trustees until it came to the issue of constitution. I guess they intended to write their constitution without any trustees involvement but were concerned that people were still asking about Trustees at that time. Better to get rid of the old Trustees and see if you can appoint yourselves boys. I think this is your plan.

  2. Interestingly there does seem to have been quite a lot of arrogance around at the time - with the school being run as a sort of religious communist collective, with people making decisions and suggestions that they were not empowered to make. This seems to have been one of the complaints of a later Principal; Dr David Black who eventually resigned over this issue.

    Of course you cannot ask a Trustee to resign, but when the appropriate need arises, it might be prudent to ask the Trustees to take an active and participatory role in the school or to allow others who are willing to do so. This does not mean of course that the School Council members should consider themselves in anyway suitable as Trustees as the two bodies consisting of the same people is clearly against the spirit and intent of the schools Trust Deed.


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