Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Letter from the Archbishop of Sudan to the School Council Over the Issue of the Board of Trustees - 10th April 1997

This is a copy of the letter from the Archbishop of the Sudan over the issue of the Board of Trustees that was presented to the School Council at the meeting of 28th October 1997. The letter has been dated by hand after it has arrived and thus there is no way of verifying the true date of this letter.

As a consequence of the dubious legal nature of the letter purporting to be written by Rev. Reuben Makoi on 7th June 1995 that supposedly appointed five members of the School Council as Trustees, there was a need to establish with certainty via a true Trustee (the Archbishop of Sudan being a successor in office of the Bishop of Egypt and Sudan and thus automatically a Trustee as stipulated in the school's 1945 Trust Deed) that  the list of Trustees from the Makoi letter would carry legal weight. The Archbishop did not however support the list of Trustees as given in the 7th June 1995 letter, but suggested an alternative list which he recommended as the "...true Trustees...". As a consequence of the Archbishop not ratifying the 1995 list of supposed Trustees, the role of the Archbishop and his clear legal authority as a Trustee was questioned by the School Council. The School Council have no authority to question, dispute or comment on the actions of the Trustees who are the ultimate authority within the school.

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