Saturday, May 21, 2011

History of the Site of Unity High School - 24th July 1989

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This document details the search in 1989 to establish the ownership of Unity High School. Although it is clear from this document that it was Bishop Gwynne's intention that the school should be sold to the Egyptian Diocese, it was in fact eventually purchased by the school itself (it is worth noting that some of the purchase cost was remitted by the Principal Christine De Peyer from her own salary) and the Trustees established to administer the ownership and finances of the school.

This document makes it clear that the "Rev. Reuben Maclir Makoi should continue as Trustee for as long as he lives..." As of 20th May 2011, it is known that Rev. Makoi is still alive and no letter of resignation from the Board of Trustees seems to exist and thus he is still a legal Trustee of Unity High School. However it is worth mentioning that the School Council and it's members do not have the authority to make suggestions or recommendations in regard to the Board of Trustees, as they clearly do in this document.

There is no mention in this document of the Archbishop of Sudan (and also the Archbishop of Egypt) as being a Trustee (indeed the document refers to Rev. Reuben Makoi as "...the last Sudanese remaining out of the Trustees."). This historically established fact, as defined by the school's Trust Deed has continued to be ignored since the death of Bishop Allison (the last British Bishop of Egypt and Sudan).

It is true to say however that although Bishop Makoi and the Archbishops of Egypt and Sudan are Trustees as defined by the school's Trust Deed, all three have defaulted on their responsibility for a significant number of years and thus cannot be considered to be in a position of any authority over the affairs of the school.


  1. They declare the Trustees from a document 28th Feb. What document is this? there is a document on this blog with the same Trustees in Sept 1973 (although Miss Hill is in denial of ever being a Trustee)
    Where do they get their information that Charles Bonsall joined later? He said so I guess.

  2. Bonsall does appear in documents as a Trustee - for instance in the letter from another Trustee IR Williams of 1981 (yet to be posted on the Archive). There is every likelihood that he was a Trustee for a period of time. Winifred Hill's state of denial over being a Trustee is perplexing as she is clearly minuted as being in attendance at the meeting of the Trustees of 17th September 1973. It is very likely that the document referred to here of the 28th February 1973 is in the Sudan Archive at Durham University in England.


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