Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Graduating Class of 2011: Year 11 - Top Class 2011

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In 1911 a classic Unity High School photo was taken for the previous CMS School that occupied this site, of the Graduating Class for that year: Top Class 1911. One hundred years later, taken on the same spot as the photograph of the first Graduating Class, we now have Top Class 2011. Our Year 11 students are shown here in their Graduation robes. You can find our other Graduation photo for 2011 here: The Graduating Class of 2011: Year 12 - Top Class 2011.

You can find the photograph of Top Class 1911, here: Top Class 1911. Our centenary celebration page is here: The Graduating Class: 1911 to 2011.


  1. It was a real privilege to be the person to take this very important photograph in the history of Unity High School. One hundred years of graduates! This photograph was planned some months ago when in conversation with Dr. Marina we decided to commemorate that historic photograph of Top Class 1911 with a photograph of our own Graduates this year on exactly the same spot as the one taken back in 1911. I would hope that in 100 years time, someone else will be taking another commemorative photograph of the graduating class of that year. Good luck to you all!

  2. YES THEY WILL BE TAKING IT. Remember in 1927 the Church gave their school back and I am sure that if the Council give the school back all will be well. great picture by the way


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