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Farewell to Mr Bertram Roger-Taylor: Deputy Head of Unity High School Primary Section - 2007-2011

The Primary School at Unity are very sad to be losing Mr Bertram who has made such a significant and profoundly positive impact on the lives of all the children in his charge for the past four years. Mr Bertram, who started at Unity as a Year 4 teacher and worked his way up to the role of Deputy Head, has decided to leave now due to the uncertain future of the school and the imminent departure of Dr Marina as Principal.

Mr Bertram's contribution to the school as a whole has been enormous. From the School Play and the Christmas Concert, through to Arabic Day, the School Bazaar, Book Character Day and the Art Exhibition, you can find the tell-tale signs of Mr Bertram's organisational abilities bringing everything to completion on time and ready for the students to enjoy.

Mr Bertram's love of his job and his unceasing care for the students of this school will be very much missed. Given all that he does for Unity, one wonders how the school will ever cope again without him behind the scenes making sure everything seems like it is running smoothly.

Thank you Mr Bertram for all that you have done for the school and we wish you every success in the future. You will be missed by all.

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Steve Gooch for the Unity High School Archive - 20th April 2011


  1. Thank you for all of your support and help with this Archive Bertram! Your valued contribution has been very much appreciated, and I don't know how it would be possible to continue representing the Primary School here without your help. wishing you the best for the future.

  2. Bertram you are amazing. I have never in my life met anyone who works as hard as you or who is so dedicated. There are so many things that get done in this school that no one even thinks about. You have been on the maintenance team and the SIMS team for four years. you are the examinations officer. You arrange all the events. You do duty, cover and afterschool lesson timetables. You arranged the Malaysia and the Egypt trip. Who waits for hours at the printer for exams to be printed? Who waits in visa offices on Sundays for student and staff visas for trips? Who shops in the souk for material and Christmas decorations? Who sorts out the library? Who orders the school stationary? Who sorts out the Coptic flat problems? You do bertram. you and Gill. Who can we call 24/7 with a problem? who will come out at four in the morning for any job? Who will meet new staff any hour of the night? Who will spend holidays going round shops buying cameras etc for the school?You will Bertram. Red House Books. Lubnas barbecue. Arabic Day. You are the one doing it. Who arranges the Summer School? Who runs the Summer school? Yes you do those things too Bertram. Yes you can be replaced but not by one person. I suggest employing 3 at least for your job.
    I know you are as sad as I am to be leaving. I know you have a family and you are leaving to an uncertain future. BUT you are doing what you believe to be right and that is what is important.If there were more people like you with the courage of their convictions then there would be much less injustice in the world.
    I know that you could not have done what you did without the support of your wife Gill. She has worked so hard for four and a half years and she has never asked for any thanks and I know we often forget her in our hurry to thank you. Gill you are also amazing. Whichever school gets you will be so lucky and it is a huge loss for Unity. Good Luck
    Dr Marina

  3. When I first came to Unity 4 years ago Bertram and Gill had arrived around the same time and for that first year I did not really get to know them. However, since I came back to Unity I have got to know both of them very well and have worked with them both over the past few months on the outstanding and fantastic production of alf leyla wa leyla/1001 Nights. I can honestly say I have met very few people who work as hard as Bertram and Gill.
    I absolutely agree with every word Dr Marina has written above about how if you want anything done at anytime of day or night Bertram will be willing to help out.
    Since January we have spent almost everyday in school doing something in regard to the play and I have made endless requests for what I wanted the play to be like - what costumes I wanted, what I wanted the stage to look like, the program to look like, the seating arrangements, the design and allocation of tickets, the organization of rehearsals - one of these tasks is work enough but when added up it leads to hours and hours of work - all done outside of our regular teaching. That has meant work after school and at the weekends. Bertram has never once complained about the work that was to be done and has always listened - and been far more patient than me when it came to dealing with people who were slightly hostile to pulling their weight in making the play what it was. He supported and encouraged the students throughout to be the absolute best (which they are) and to believe in themselves.
    Although Bertram is Deputy Head in the primary school the students in the Secondary all know him well - due to his going on overseas trips and his involvement in organizing events that are based in the Secondary section. I know that all the students I teach will miss him greatly.
    I would also like to say that Gill is someone who also has done so, so much work for Unity. For me I cannot thank her enough for helping me out with every single request I had for the artwork and design of the stage and the costumes for the play. She has made time to go with me to the souq, to produce drawings (based on my often unclear explanations) for costumes and been very supportive when it came to the actual evenings of the production - and all of this only months after she had her second daughter!!
    The loss to Unity will be immense when Bertram and Gill leave. Like Dr Marina said - Unity will need to employ around 3 to 4 people to actually do the job that Bertram has done.
    I will miss you both very much - but the greatest loss will be to the students of Unity High School.

  4. Bertram and Gill you are going to be sorely missed in this school next year. Bertram, I want to thank you for being such an amazing colleague but also such a good friend. Your contribution to the school as a whole; to both the Primary and Secondary sections has been amazing. I genuinely do not know how the school is going to cope next year without you. You have done so much! I know that the students are going to miss you and the staff will miss you and I will also miss you. You have been a dynamo of positve and frenetic energy around this place and are truly inspiring with your constant good humour and willingness to tackle anything at all that is thrown your way. I simply do not know how you do so you live in a world where there are 48 hours in each day? You must do...What is important is that in doing all that you have done, and doing it in such a caring and unselfish manner, you have positively impacted on the lives of so many of our students in so many ways. What greater testimony is there than that? The students and the staff at Unity owe you so much.

    Gill, it has been such an amazing pleasure to work with you in the Primary Art department. Your ability to stay calm in the face of so many problems due to things not being done that should have been done, has often amazed me! I remember many times sitting with you in the art room, stressed and annoyed over some issue or another and then feeling much better due to your good natured and calm approach to what was going on around you. You have contributed so much to the students in this school and I know that they will really miss your lessons a lot. It saddens me that you will no longer be there, encouraging and enhancing the artistic development of these students.

    I wish you both all the success that you so rightly deserve. It has been such a great pleasure working with both of you. Please keep in touch and let me know how things are going.

  5. I am going to miss you alot. When I go home I will tell my mother to make you shaya. I will never forget you have a nice time in South Africa.

    Mohamed Magdi Taha 4X 2011

  6. Hello Mr Bertram

    Mr. Bertram hello,he always said lakhowlilla
    I promise I will behave myself and learn harder.I will miss you !!!!
    magdi 4x

  7. MR. BERTRAMMMMMM !! Although u and Mrs Gill have never actually taught me, school will DEFINATELY be different without u !! i KNOW Kaydee (i'm not sure about the spelling...sorry) will be missed by everyone aswell !! I hope u bring success to wherever u r going, just like u did with us =) !! Hana 10z xx




  9. Mr.Bertram, why you leavin' man? Lakhawlilah, and you call Me negative...
    School will definitely be different without you lot around...

    Mustafa 7x


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