Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Corruption, Theft, Fraud & Forgery by the Governing Body of Unity High School Press Release - 20th April 2011

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The above Press Release was prepared on 19th April 2011, after the failure of the Ministry of Education to do anything to save Unity High School from the activities of it's own governing body, which they had been informed about several weeks previously. All documentary evidence had been supplied to them via National Security. This Press Release was therefore circulated around the media as extensively as possible to try to gain some sort of public exposure for the theft of the school and it's monies and to try to push the Ministry into taking action on behalf of the school. The final page above is an update to the Press Release and simply presented here for  the sake of completeness. As of this date the Sudanese media have ignored the corruption and theft taking place at Unity High School.

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