Monday, May 23, 2011

Administration Report to the School Council - 14th August 1995

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This Administration Report, presented at a meeting of the School Council mentions the Resolution, proposed by the Principal David Treagust and seconded by Dr Safwat Fanous that the School Council confirm the appointment of the Trustees as given in the letter that is purported to have been written by one of the existing Trustees; Rev. Reuben Makoi, on 7th June 1995. That letter can be found here: Rev. Reuben Makoi's Letter of 7th June 1995.

It should be noted that the School Council have no authority to confirm the appointment of Trustees. The Resolution goes on to ask that the Constitution be updated to reflect changes in the school over the previous ten years. The School Council likewise do not have the authority to approve or reject any changes to the Constitution. Only the Trustees can make amendments to the Constitution.

A copy of the letter appointing the new Trustees that was claimed to have been written by Rev. Reuben Makoi is also attached to this report.

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