Monday, April 25, 2011

Minutes of the School Council Meeting & The Principal's & Treasurer's Reports to the Council - 17th December 1988

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  1. Looking at these documents one but wonders if this is the reason that this council is behaving like they are doing now , or is this the real reason why the Principal of Unity never stays longer than 5years because they find out TOOO MUCH ............

  2. Just to clarify, as you do not state so in your comment (and please do put your name at the end of future comments), this relates to the removal of Dr Marina as Principal by the school council in February 2011 and the corruption at the heart of the school council in hijacking the Board of Trustees in 1995 and in forging Trustee letters.

  3. It's not just corruption going on here though...I am very interested to read about the "unfortunate incident" that made the teachers leave that year. As a student in the school my family and I have always suspected something very shady to be going on behind the scenes with the teachers, as so many are constantly leaving. I am also shocked at how shrewd a comment someone made was, saying, "Someone is making a lot of money out of this school!"

    I sincerely hope that any corruption is revealed and defeated soon...

    Student at Unity

  4. nity Student: Several points to address in your comment: "It's not JUST corruption going on here though..." What else is there that you know of?
    The 'unfortunate incident' that made teachers leave that year: the unfortunate incident referred to in this document seems to only apply to one teacher when something happened at the end of a party. There does not seem at present to be any information on what that incident might have been. It is also unclear what you are referring to in terms of ..."something shady going on behind the scenes with the teachers." The teachers are just teachers trying to do a professional job for the benefit of the students. There is nothing shady going on with the teachers - at least not today - that may not have been the case at the time of this document however - but this is hard to know as none of those teachers are at Unity anymore. It is also worth pointing out that teachers leave for all manner of reasons. For some it is there first time working outside their own countries and they find it difficult to re-orientate to working elsewhere. Some simply miss friends and family and want to go home. Others find better pay in other countries or more career progression opportunities elsewhere. Some just don't like it here! International schools all over the world have high staff turnovers however - this is simply the nature of this type of school. Staff in these schools often travel a lot, have no intention of staying in one place for long and want to move on and see a bit more of the world. It is worth stating however that after the Christmas holidays in January 2011, for the first time in a very long time, all of the staff returned to Unity. This is unusual as this is a key moment when staff who want to leave for whatever reason, can easily, and historically do, jump ship.


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