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An Exchange of Emails Between Steve Gooch and Hafiz Kheir - March and April 2013

From: Steve Gooch
Sent: Monday, 1 April 2013, 16:05
Subject: Sudan Embassy

Hi Hafiz,

 I thought I would drop you a line. We met outside the Sudanese Embassy having a smoke on Sunday. Hope you remember me. I hope your family wedding went ok!

I am interested in your area of work and what it is you actually do in the media. I think you might be interested in my story from Sudan of Unity High School and how it was stolen by the Bishop of Khartoum on the back of the disappearance of a donation to the church by the British Royal Family back in the 70's...there is plenty of info and documentation here if you want to take a look: If you follow that 'corruption in the school' tag you will find a lot of very interesting info that is all pretty much cross-referenced. The Director of the school has already been in jail twice over this but seems to have been let out on both occasions. It would be interesting to know what the school has done with the $4,000,000 that it had in its bank accounts at the end of the tenure of Principal Dr Marina Hitchen also.

 Anyway, I thought you might be interested in that story. I am working on turning it into a novel right now.
 But that aside, it is always good to connect up with other writers and creative people. My link below will give you a bit more about me. One book under my belt, editing a journal on Reiki and working on a novel right now. Be in touch.

 Steve Gooch

From: Hafiz Kheir
Sent: 05 April 2013 16:10
To: Steve Gooch
Subject: Re: Sudan Embassy

Hi Steve, and thank you so much for your email...

Hope all went well with your embassy papers(!)...

Sorry for the delay responding; I don't have a reliable net connection here...

The wedding went good, am enjoying a lazy Cairo time with family...

the Story of the Unity School is very interesting indeed, and I can clearly see a documentary there!
I am reading the background and documents in the link you sent, but lets talk a little bit more, when
I get back to my base in Virginia, to see what we can do together...

If you're still in Cairo, maybe we can meet for Coffee and chat one evening, before I travel back on the 10th (of April..)

You can call me on my cousin's mobile number: xxxxxxxxxxx Cairo

All the best and let's keep it up!

Hafiz Kerr

Fri 05/04/2013 20:06

Hi Hafiz,

Glad that the wedding went fine and you are now chilling out. Yes, got my papers sorted at the embassy eventually.

Yes, you are right, there is definitely potential for a documentary  in all that material for sure. I think it goes deeper than we were able to investigate fully. Almost certainly - but without any substantive evidence right now, there is another school: KIPS (Khartoum International Preparatory School) involved in this in the early days too - also 'stolen' it seems: not BY the church, but FROM the church (the last I heard they are still fighting this in the courts and have been for over 40 years now): maybe it was this that gave them the idea to take Unity - an eye for an eye maybe? But KIPS is involved in this somehow. My ex boss would possibly know a little more on that as she saw documents on a visit there once that were swiftly removed from her sight by a lawyer at the school I think...

And if KIPS IS involved - and for sure it would seem to be - then a royal donation made by the British Monarchy in the 70's (which paid for the building of KIPS I think) is also implicated. That donation - made by Princess Ann seems to have largely gone missing also.

Oddly, even though we did not get a chance to search ALL the documents held at the school, it does seem to be the case that the entire file of minutes of various meetings in the school has disappeared - possibly now held in the Sudan Archive at the university of Durham in the UK. That file would cover the royal donation - possibly the argument between the Principal of Unity at the time over monies expected to be paid or given back to her 'associate' (lover? friend? colleague?) by the school council on receipt of the royal donation - this money was denied by the council and not long after, KIPS was taken by someone who walked in with some documents and claimed the school as his (forged Trust Deeds maybe?).

Anyway, the rabbit hole is deep and what you see on the archive is the tip of the iceberg. And all of this going on in the school that was at the centre of the international news in 2007 over the Teddy bear that was named Mohamed. It is a MASSIVE story when you factor that into the equation along with the royal donation and the head of the Anglican community in Khartoum being a suspected thief!

Sadly I am not in Cairo now. I live in Alex at the moment and am back here now. For sure get in touch any time and if you think there is mileage in this, lets work on something. I am keen for the school to be returned to a legal body of Trustees and for sure you could count on the support and active participation of the Principal at the time we discovered all this corruption: Dr Marina Hitchen.

Hope to hear from you soon.


(Note: So far this story has not been taken up by Hafez - 3rd November 2013)

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An Exchange of Emails between Dr Marina Hitchen and Len Whittaker of the Sudan Church Association - October 2013

On ١٣‏/٠٨‏/٢٠١١, at ٢:١٧ م, L WHITTAKER wrote:
--- On Sat, 13/8/11, L WHITTAKER wrote:
Subject: Corruption
To: "Marina Hitchen"

All of your web sites have gone since you left the school. I have "hit" the chairman of the SCA with everything I have found and all the information you have alerted me to. Is there any more up to date news other tham Boulas being arrested that i can use.  A number of the SCA members are asking for more information.ض.   Dd


Len Whittaker.

 From: Marina 
Sent: 12 October 2013 20:56
Subject: Re: Corruption


I never did get to the bottom of all that corruption in Sudan. I got called to court today to fight yet another case against the church. I just cannot do it. I have other battles to fight and maybe even win. It is just so sad that I was never really taken seriously and that Bishop Gwynne had so little of what he wanted for all that he put in. One consolation is that he expected it and would not be so surprised.  As a non Christian I seem to be the most shocked.


Date: ١٣ أكتوبر، ٢٠١٣ ١:٥٣:٢٨ م جرينتش+٠٢:٠٠
To: "'Marina'" 
Subject: RE: Corruption

Interesting to hear from you, even more so as I didn’t send you that email. If it had been dated 2012 it may have been correct, but certainly not from me recently. 
Investigations were carried out by both the SCA and the Diocese of Bradford, but neither found any “wrong doing” (surprise, surprise). Its all now in the past.


Len Whittaker

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Graduation - 23rd April 2013

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Lamees Mohamed

Lamees Mohamed and friend

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Staff Socialising - 21st August 2008

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Bertram Williams-Taylor and Gurschon Le Roe

Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Staff Party - 31st August 2009

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Gill Williams-Taylor, Justyna Sikora and Samantha Le Roe

Justyna Sikora and Gurschon Le Roe

Justyna Sikora and Hossam

More Photos from the School Bazaar - February 2010

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Danya Hussein, Tasneem Elghazali Bakhiet, Bebe Ogeil, Noorah Mahmoud and Mayada Usama 

Enas Shulgami 

Fathelrahman Mekki and Shatha Elhassan

Mayada Usama, Shahd Dwayne, Lamees Mohamed, Fathelrahman Mekki and Enas Shulgami

Omnia Mohamed, Ola Abdulrahman, Shahd Dwayne, Abram Rajai Edward and Fathelrahman Mekki

Shahd Dwayne, Abram Rajai Edward, Tasneem Elghazali Bakhiet, Enas Shulgami and Marilyn Ehab

Shahd Dwayne, Tasneem Elghazali Bakhiet, Enas Shulgami, Marilyn Ehab and Bebe Ogeil

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